How to save William In Life is Strange?

How to save William: There are certain decisions within the show “Life is Strange” that the players cannot influence, like Max’s choice to enter the past to save William from a car crash. 

Players have to help her succeed in her mission; however, it will require searching for a particular place to put William’s keys.

Life Is Strange players can follow this step-by-step guide to aid in the rescue of William by describing exactly where Max must put the keys to his car and the best place to go to get a photo opportunity in an alternate universe.

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How to Restore William amid life is a mystery.

One of the first things Max must accomplish to save William and his family is not to do it and then let him locate his keys. 

This will show Max from The Life of Unusual which keys she has to reverse time to retrieve before William gets them.

Afterward, go to the coffee table to retrieve keys from the hat just before William ends his calls in conversation with Joyce

When Max is armed with the car keys, she has to locate the ideal spot to put them in.

 This is because William is equipped with a beeper connected to the keys, which can tell him the location of the keys.

It may not be evident at first, but the best location to store the keys for them to be retrieved by William on the third episode of The Life of Strange can be the sink that’s full of water that is in the kitchen

Chloe’s dad can’t hear the locator alarm being activated, which means it’s unlikely that he’ll take the car trip that would end his life in this particular reality.

 The players will have saved William, and the show will soon end, but not without a surprise for two.

How to Get an Optional photo opportunity 10 on Episode 3

The final image collectible in episode 3 from The Life of the Dead is found before when Max attempts to help William in vain. 

If characters are already in the scene, try rewinding as far as you can before heading towards Chloe inside the dining room.

You can go to the counter to the left of Chloe to get Chloe’s left-hand side to see the “Photo” prompt for the final picture that can take during the episode.

 Max will take a photo of Chloe and William together, and the players will be able to unlock “Flash!” and the “Flash!” Achievement Trophy and the “Camera Eye” if the other nine photos were obtained in Episode 3.

The 10 photo opportunities within each show in The Life of the Party can result in an extremely simple Platinum Trophy or complete Gamerscores since they are the sole optional unlockables to the game.

The Life of Strange Remastered Collection is out to PC, PS4, Stadia, and Xbox One, with a Switch version due out later in 2022.