Bungie, CD Projekt, and more gaming companies help Ukraine.

Gaming companies help Ukraine: Recent tensions in the world have left many people living in Ukraine in need of care and help after being attacked.

It’s a terrible time for the people, and many gaming companies are coming to help. They’re doing this by setting up donation sites and giving to charities run by them.

Many people have fled Ukraine to find safety, including Savage Game Designs, which helped developers leave the country.

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Many game studios are making significant efforts to help with the humanitarian crisis going on.

A lot of money has been donated by game developers and gamers who have been asked to donate and buy bundles for charity.

This has been done with help from both groups.

Companies like CD Projekt Red and Destiny developer Bungie have already made significant donations to help the invasion victims.

Bungie has donated 100% of the proceeds from the first 48 hours of its Game2Give drive to humanitarian aid efforts, as well as links to charities where direct donations can be made.

Many online resources are being shared on social media to get people to help people who are in need.

Click here to see a lengthy Reddit thread that lists many different charities that one can donate to help Ukraine.

GSC Game World, the developer of STALKER 2, is just one of many teams that have made statements about the Ukraine invasion.

They also said that more than words are needed to support Ukraine.

Closer to the conflict, a lot of work is being done to house and protect displaced Ukrainian civilians by giving them aid right away.

11 Bit Studios, the company that made Frostpunk, is a small studio in Poland that borders Ukraine.

The company says that all profits from sales of the game This War of Mine will go to the Ukrainian Red Cross.

Other small indie developers are also trying to help out. They use game bundles like the Humble Bundle to raise money for charities.

The teams at Anego Studios and Necrosoft Games are putting together bundles of games for gamers who want to donate money to charities that help Ukraine’s children and healthcare.

Necrosoft Games has said that their bundle will be out on March 7, and all the money raised will go to the same charities.

During these uncertain times, it’s great to see generous donations from gamers and game developers. This is an excellent thing to see.