How to Remove a Border in V Rising

Remove a Border in V Rising: In V Rising, you awaken as a vampire in a violent world. You’ll need to obtain blood to replenish your power and advance to the top of the vampire hierarchy.

You may either form a base with your allies or do it alone. If your floor is complete, you could wish to eliminate certain boundaries; if that’s the case, we’ll teach you how in this article.

Remove a border in V Rising

In V Rising, enter construction mode (B-key) and use the spacebar to dismantle practically anything. Anything in or near the tile, such as walls and pillars, must be removed for this to operate.

The most important thing to know is that any structure almost touching the tile you wish to remove will prohibit you from removing the border. As a result, any floors, walls, pillars, or other things forced on the tile may need to be removed.

Borders define where you may construct pieces of your castle, so if you accidentally put one in the wrong spot, you’ll want to retrieve it to use it again. As you continue in the game, you will be able to extend your castle and convert it into quite a mansion!

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