How To Play The Samurai Class In Elden Ring

Samurai Class In Elden Ring: Elden Ring has 10 classes that new players must pick before beginning their journey into the game. Each class comes with an established level, stats, and items that they must start with. Of the 10 available classes, the Samurai Class is the most balanced.

 This Samurai Class is one of the best classes, to begin with since this class can be extremely strong and suitable for the final game. 

In this article, I will teach the players what they can do to become the character of a Samurai in the Elden Ring.

How to Play the Samurai Class in Elden Ring

Suppose you are about to start an adventure at the start of a game in Elden Ring; select to play the Samurai Class with a Golden Seed to create a keepsake.

 A Samurai Class has an Uchigatana, Longbow, Arrows and Fire Arrows, and the Red Thorn Roundshield right from the beginning. The class starts at level 9. In the initial game, you need to develop a method to make a lot of Arrow. From the Starter area, head to the Church of Elleh and purchase the Cookbooks and the Crafting kit at the merchant Kale

This will assist significantly in the beginning game until you can purchase the Arrows. The appeal of playing Samurai on the Elden Ring is that you are ready to fight with long-range and short-range.

When there is enough space between you and your enemy, you must always aim to use the bow. If they come close, cut them up with an Uchigatana. This Uchigatana is a powerful weapon since you can double-hand it to deliver a devastating punch to your opponent. 

It’s also swift and grants the Bleed status to the adversary. Also, add the Seppuku Ashes of War or the Bloody Slash Ashes of War, and you have an extremely powerful early Weapon. You can build the best Bleed build by following our guide to the most effective Elden Ring Arcane Builds

The qualities I would recommend you boost are Dexterity, Vigor, Strength, and Mind statistics. If you plan for a complete Bleed build, you should max out the pump Arcane and then place the remainder into Strength and Dexterity.

Tips & Tricks

That’s about it. It’s pretty simple. Samurai Class should be your first time playing it as it contains everything that a player would need to begin. Be aware that you’ll need to improve your equipment in the future as you receive the items to use these items.

 This can be done through your Smithing Table in the Church of Elleh. Maintain your distance with your Bow and hit fast and hard using Uchigatana.