How to Make a Facebook Post Shareable? 3 Easy Ways

The journey of Facebook is fascinating! It is the social media platform where you talk about anything and everything. Yes! Anything and everything. But how do you ensure that what you say reaches the maximum number of people out there? Yeah! This is what we are dealing with today. Facebook continues to make small changes in its visual appearance every now and then. The different options and buttons keep shuffling their places. This makes it difficult to remember the positions of all the different options from one update to the next. So, in order to understand how to make a Facebook post shareable, you need to go through the following paragraphs carefully.

First, there are 2 kinds of things you can do. To understand the process behind how to make a Facebook post shareable, either you can create a shareable post. The other way is to change the privacy settings of an already shared post, in retrospect. We will be telling you in detail all the steps required to execute both these processes.

How to make a Facebook post shareable?

As mentioned above, to create a shareable Facebook post, you need to follow these succeeding steps:

  • Log in to your Facebook account
  • At the top, right below the ‘Home’ panel, you will find a white space. It mentions ‘Write something here’ or ‘What’s on your mind?’.
  • Right under this blank space, there are 2 options, namely ‘News Feed’ and ‘Your Story.’
  • If you tick the checkbox beside ‘News Feed,’ it means whatever post you put up will be shown in other people’s feed. A Facebook Story means the same post will be put up in the stories panel.
  • Both ‘News Feed’ and ‘Your Story’ have panels by their side. By default, the panels should have ‘Friends’ written on them.
  • That tab is the privacy setting for each post you would like to share.
  • Click on the tab. You will find a dropdown menu that appears. The entire menu (although subject to change) has the following options: Public, Friends, Friends except, Specific Friends, Only Me, and Custom.
  • All these privacy settings options have their own role to play. But in order to learn how to make a Facebook Post shareable, we will primarily deal with making the post public.
  • Click on the topmost option from the dropdown menu that says ‘Public.’
  • Continue writing the post or adding photos or videos, whatever you desire.
  • Click on the option ‘Post.’
    How to make a Facebook post shareable
  • After you have clicked on ‘Public,’ it means everyone’s post will be visible. Also, they will be able to share that particular post. So, this is the simplest way of making a Facebook post shareable and thereby increasing visibility.

How to make a Facebook post shareable that has been shared before with different settings?

As discussed earlier, there are 2 ways to answer the question ‘How to make a Facebook post shareable?’. We discussed the first method. Now we will be discussing the second. And that is changing the privacy settings of a post in retrospect.

how to make your Facebook post shareable

Here are the steps that you need to take to complete the task:

  • Log in with your Facebook ID and password.
  • Click or tap on your profile picture to go to your profile page.
  • Find the desired post of your choice of which you want to change the privacy settings.
  • Please note that each post has a clickable sign of 3 dots that look like this: •••
  • Click or tap on the 3 dots, and you will find a dropdown menu.
  • Click or tap on the option ‘Edit Post.’
  • A dialog box will appear where you can edit the writeup of the post, add photos to it, etc. To change the shareability of the post, you need to go to the down-right corner of the dialog box.
  • There you will find the option-button by the name ‘Friends’. Click on it.
  • The same dropdown menu appears as we had seen in the first case.
  • We will repeat the options for your convenience. They are Public, Friends, Friends except for Specific Friends, Only Me, and Custom.
  • Choose the option ‘Public’ from here, and right beside it, you will find the option ‘Save’. Click on it.
  • By doing this, the previously hidden post will be visible by everyone. This will increase the visibility of the post, although posts of older days rarely get rechecked.

Understanding the features of Facebook sharing

Making posts public will indeed change the shareability option of your posts. More people will know about what you got to say. However, it is also crucial to understand the various other options under the Privacy Settings. Although most of the options are easily understood, we thought to gloss over them once.

  • Friends: This option makes your posts visible only to people from your friend list.
  • Friends except: Here, you can omit some of the people from your friend list whom you don’t want to let know about your posts.
  • Specific Friends: As the name suggests, only select people will be able to see your post/s.
  • Only Me: It is exactly what it sounds. No one except you will see your posts.
  • Custom: Here, you can make separate groups of your friends, and also a list of people whom you may want to avoid in the future.

All of these combined, Facebook gives you innumerable options to choose from when it comes to how to make a Facebook post shareable.


Well, from a small community website to the world’s largest social media giant, Facebook’s journey has been enormous, to say the least. It has become the gateway to the connectivity of people, making it a truly global world. It is one huge conglomeration of posts, news, friends, strangers, and everyone else.

Now that you know all the steps, and the ways to make a post shareable, what are you waiting for? Just start expressing your heart out, because the world is out there. It is waiting to hear from you, and all that you have to say. Good luck!