How to Know if Someone Blocked Your Number?

Wondering if someone blocked your number but don’t know how to find out? Don’t worry, we’ll guide you. In this post, I’m going to explain how to find out if someone blocks your number on call, text, or a Messenger like WhatsApp. So, the next time you don’t have to consume your brain cells thinking if you are blocked or just ignored.

There are certain simple hints to figure out when someone blocks your number. I’ll share them one-by-one while explaining them all. Keeping them in mind will always help you to know if you are blocked instantly.

Clear Hints to Find Out if Someone Blocked Your Number

There are times when you constantly keep trying to contact someone, but all your attempts are met with radio silence. You get frustrated and anxious. You are battling your thoughts. Maybe the person you’re trying to reach isn’t available around to answer your call or the device is on ‘Do not disturb’ or maybe you have been blocked by the user either accidentally or deliberately.

If over some time your texts aren’t going through and your calls are being redirected to the voicemail. Then, these are clear signs you’ve been blocked. However, you won’t be served with notice if someone blocks you. To find that out, it’s advisable to confront the person but if you’re looking for a less awkward approach, then you should use some simple tricks.

We’ll break down the hints to find out if you are blocked or not into two categories- for Android mobiles & for iOS mobiles. So, it’d be easier for you to find the ones suitable for you.

Find Out if Someone Blocked your Number on Android Devices

It is pretty simple to find out if someone has blocked your number on Android devices. Here are the tricks that you’ll have to use for that purpose. You can try all of these in order to reach a clear conclusion.

Hint-1: Number of Rings

When someone blocks your number, you will only hear one ring before being diverted to voicemail. If this happens over a period of time then it’s a shred of strong evidence that you’ve been blocked. But, if you’re diverted to voicemail after 4 or 5 rings then cheer up, you haven’t been blocked. The person isn’t available to return your call.

Note: When you are blocked and you try to call that person, you’ll only hear one ring before the call is diverted, but still that person will receive a notification that you tried calling.

However, there’s an exception, the process of being diverted to voicemail after the first ring also applies if the device is on ‘Do Not Disturb‘ or if the battery is about to die. So, before jumping to conclusions, wait a day or two and try again for confirmation.

Hint-2: Your texts will remain unreturned

Whenever you’ll text the person, it’ll seem like the text has been delivered normally but the person you’re sending them to won’t receive your text. This deafening silence is another clue.

Hint-3: Automated Responses

When you are blocked via the wireless carrier you will hear an unfamiliar or unexpected message whenever you dial that number. This raises the odds pretty high that you’ve been blocked by their wireless carrier. The responses vary from carrier to carrier but are mostly on the following lines- 

  • The person you’re trying to reach is unavailable
  • The person you’re is trying to reach isn’t taking calls or is out of service

The responses are almost alike but the result is the same: your call won’t connect and if the pattern is recurring then it indicates you’ve been blocked. However, this may also happen when the carrier is experiencing any technical issues, or the user frequently travels out of station or overseas.

Find Out if Someone Blocked your Number on iOS Devices

For iOS devices, the above-mentioned 3 hints are completely applicable. You can try them to figure out if you are blocked or not. But, there is one more exclusive method for iOS users to figure out if they are blocked.

Take a look at that:

If you and the other person were using an iPhone, then supposedly you’d also be using iMessage. If you want to find out whether they have blocked you, this hack is pretty credible- send a message via iMessage to the person and if the status of the message shows “Delivered” then that indicates they haven’t blocked you. But, if the status doesn’t show “Delivered,” then you may be blocked.

However, the delivered status won’t be seen even when the recipient has unsubscribed to iMessage or is no longer using an iOS device.

Do this if you are still confused

If you are unsure whether you are blocked or not even after finding the hints mentioned above, then you can take some more simple steps to be sure. Here are the two main things that you can do to verify your status:

1. Just call them from a different phone number. However, note that anonymous calls invite legal consequences. If the person isn’t willing to reconnect with you.

2. The most ideal option would be reaching out to the person on social media and asking the same. Don’t demand an explanation, just apologize. If they did it accidentally then they will reply with “Why”. Otherwise, you know better.

After doing these, you’ll have a clean result.

Find out if someone Blocked your Number on WhatsApp

WhatsApp suggests on its official website that there isn’t a conclusive explanation to find out if someone has blocked you on WhatsApp. However, there are certain clear indications that’ll help you to figure out. Take a look at them:

  • You wouldn’t see the profile picture of that WhatsApp user.
  • The chat window with the user won’t show last seen or online.
  • When you send a message to that user, you will only see a ‘Single tick,’ that will never turn into ‘double ticks.’

  • If you’ll try to call that user via WhatsApp, your call will not be connected.

Bonus Tip: You can ask your friend to text that user, and if he is able to communicate but you aren’t, then you can conclude that you are blocked.

These are some indications to figure out if someone has blocked you on WhatsApp.

Final Words

This is how you can find out if someone blocked your number. I have explained the methods for Android devices, iOS devices, and WhatsApp. One more thing I’d like to suggest to you is- if someone doesn’t want to stay in touch, you need to duly respect their decision. He/she doesn’t owe you an explanation for their actions. There’s a thin line between trying to reach someone and pestering someone. Don’t overstep the line. If you are concerned try sending an e-mail or ask a mutual friend to contact them for you.

That’s all for this post. I hope you find it helpful. Feel free to use the comment box to share your opinions about it.