How To Install Hulu On Chromecast

Watching movies and TV shows is always great fun because it reduces the extra pressure you get from the office’s workload or the business you are into. Hulu has managed to enter into the movie streaming industry successfully, and in the US, they have almost gotten a good amount of customers. Even though people still use the Netflix and chill anthem when it comes to watching movies, Hulu is also a great platform to stream tons of different movies or TV shows. However, streaming movies on big screens give you a better experience, and some people are doubting how to install Hulu on the chromecast device, which they don’t have any idea about.

We all can understand that the technical part of using a chromecast device is not available in their manual guide, and that’s why we are here to help you out. If you have bought google chromecast for streaming online movie content and also have a Hulu subscription, then you are a big movie buff for sure.

How To Install Hulu On Chromecast

Many people have doubts about how I install Hulu on my chromecast device, and even though there are tons of articles written about it, they don’t give you the right answer in a brief and important manner. 

  • First of all, turn on your TV  and make sure the chromecast device is connected properly.
  • Now use the remote or use google assistance or select the search app option.

How To Install Hulu On Chromecast

hulu on chromecast

  • A new page will pop on your Tv screen, click on install option.
  • Now open the app and stream the content you want.

You can also shift the Hulu to the home screen, where you can easily access it by simply clicking on it once. Installing Hulu on google chromecast is quite easy, and it’s not that much hard, which many people think. However, many people don’t know how to stream the content using the same device so we covered that part in this article also. 

Casting Hulu Content Using Chromecast Device 

Installing Hulu on the chromecast device is quite easy and won’t require much effort from your side. As we explained earlier, the process is quite simple. But, how can you cast the content of your favorite movies and TV shows?. Well, we explained that also briefly ion here. 

  1. Casting Hulu On Chromecast Using Computer.
  2. Casting Hulu On Chromecast Using Smartphone.

Method 1:- Casting Hulu On Chromecast Using Computer.

So if you have a computer, Hulu subscription, and a working chromecast device, then nothing can stop you from watching your favorite movies or Tv shows. Just follow these simple steps to install Hulu on the chromecast device.

  • Connect the google chromecast device to the TV using an HDMI port, make sure the device is connected to the same WiFi network as your computer. 


  • Now open your desired web browser and log into your Hulu account.
  • Then select a movie or Tv show you want to stream, click on it. A casting icon will pop up on the screen, especially at the lower right corner like shown below; click on it.

play hulu on chromecast

  • Now you will see a list of devices connected to the same WiFi network, select the Chromecast device and click on it. 
  • Your video will start playing on the big screen, and enjoy!

Watching a movie or TV show on a big screen is quite entertaining even though streaming them on a smartphone is good, but the big screen gives a richer and more fulfilling experience. However, this was just one method of casting any content from Hulu.

Method 2:- Casting Hulu On Chromecast Using Smartphone.

Using a smartphone to stream Hulu content is quite easy, and it requires much less effort than anything, and here is how you also can do that.

  • First of all, connect the Chromecast device to the Tv screen.
  • Now open the Hulu app from your smartphone. 
  • Then click on the video you want to stream.
  • Choose the casting option from the right corner of the screen of your mobile device.
  • You can tap on the cast icon to stop the streaming also.

Now that’s, and it’s that much easier to stream Hulu content using your smartphone. No matter whether you have an android or iPhone in your possession, the process is, and in some cases, you will require the google home app to control the streaming; otherwise, you are free to go. 


1. Can You Install 3rd Party Apps On Chromecast?

Ans – Yes, you can. You will have to use the remote button and search for apps that you want to install. When you find the desired application, click on the option Install, and it will get installed on the chromecast device.

2. Why Won’t Hulu Connect To My Chromecast?

Ans- There could be some technical error if the chromecast device cannot connect to the Hulu app. You can reset the chromecast device and manually and then try connecting it with the Hulu app again. 


So this is how to install Hulu on chromecast in the easiest and the best manner. The usage of Hulu has increased significantly among teenagers and especially movie lovers. Hulu is becoming the number of choices for all movie lovers. But, google chromecast is compatible with letting you stream the favorite movies and TV shows on the big screen when it comes to streaming online content.

Casting content using chromecast from Hulu is super easy, and we hope you liked the article. If you face any technical problem while installing the Hulu app on chromecast, you can leave a comment below. We will be happy to make sure that your problem gets resolved; till then, keep watching movies.