How to Increase Your Levels Quickly in Lost Ark

Increase Your Levels: Lost Ark is an MMOARPG created by Smilegate, available for several years, but it’s only making its way into English-speaking regions this year.

 The game takes place in the world of Arkesia, in which your character is charged with finding clues and keys that guide you to the infamous Ark before the evil ones can. 

Below is how to progress quickly within Lost Ark.

We are rapidly advancing in Lost Ark.

As of the writing time the time of writing, the level cap for combat is 50, which means you’ll first be able to get to 50 before you’re able to start contemplating content for the endgame. 

You’ll notice an enormous blue bar on the bottom of the screen that shows the number of experience points you’ve earned during that level. And when it’s packed to the max, you’ll be able to level up.

The process of accumulating points of experience and increasing your level is pretty simple in the early stages of the game. 

However, while you can gain a few moments of experience through fighting enemies, it’s much better to get more level by completing quests and then changing them.

One of the great things about the side quests in Lost Ark is that all of them are simple to complete for the most part and generally will require you to go towards the next primary story goal in the first place, so there’s no reason not to take these up.

It’s possible to reach 50 in a short time by sticking to the main story quests.

 If you’re hoping to get to the limit before you finish the story, make sure to pick every one of these yellow markers on your map too.

As you move across zones, you might be given Sudden quests marked with red markers. 

They require you to defeat enemies within a specific time limit, and they are generally quite simple and provide you with many experiences.

Below are the various types of quests to focus on if you want to get to level 50 fast:

  • Story quests in the main game: marked by the orange marker and blue markers in the latter.
  • Side quests are indicated with a yellow marker
  • Sudden explorations: marked with red marker

You could also complete those pink Rapport quests that some NPCs will offer; however, it may be better to keep them in mind for later, when you have the resources to finish them faster.

Endgame Leveling

After you’ve finished the final game content within Lost Ark, there are numerous daily and weekly events to explore. 

Below are the tasks which you must run whenever you can for those who want to improve your gear score rapidly

  • Chaos Dungeons
  • Guardian Raids
  • Abyss Dungeons
  • Abyss Raids
  • Legion Raids

If you’ve just reached the final stage, you’ll be looking to play Chaos Dungeons first, which requires you to take on numerous rounds of foes. 

This is likely to be the most straightforward game, to begin with. It will also assist in increasing the score of your base gear so that you can advance to different activities.

This is all you need to be aware of how to progress quickly on the game Lost Ark.