How to Get the Magma Shot sorcery in Elden Ring

Get the Magma Shot sorcery in Elden Ring: It may be a really valuable tool if you know how to utilize magma. Magma spells need both faith and knowledge to cast. But they have the power to turn a fight around. The Lava Shot sorcery allows you to fire a lump of magma that explodes when it collides with anything.

The potency of this spell may be improved by changing it. As a result, talismans that increase the damage of charged spells can be used. Your adversaries will be afraid of your newly acquired abilities. The Magma Shot sorcery may be earned in Elden Ring by completing the steps below.

To get this magic, you must first go to Volcano Manor. Mt. Gelmir is located in the Altus Plateau. To begin, go to Altus Plateau and gather the Dectus Medallion’s two pieces from Fort Faroth and Fort Haight.

The Dectus Grand Lift, which will carry you to the plateau, may then be activated by the medallion. You may reach the location by entering the dungeon in northern Liurnia.

To get to Volcano Manor, head to Altus Plateau and follow the route around the whole region, passing under the Bridge of Iniquity.

When you arrive, speak with Tanith about joining Volcano Manor.

She will hand over the Drawing Room Key to you. It’ll let you inside the drawing-room across the hall. There is a letter on the table. Read the menu for your first assassination target, Old Knight Istvan.

The invasion sign may be seen in the northern area of Limgrave, near the coliseum. There, fight Old Knight Istvan. When you return to Tanith, she will reward you with the Magma Shot sorcery.