How to Get Planet Shaper in A Universal Time (Roblox)

Perhaps, you are looking for how to get planet shaper in A Universal Time. If so, then you have landed on the right website. On this page, I will guide you on what Planet Shaper is and how to get it.

Generally, Planet Shaper is an A Universal Time non-canon Stand. Alu_Dev, who is also part of the AUT staff team, created it. 

Non-canon Stand is a stage created specifically for the game. However, it is not part of the original JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Manga or anime series.

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Particularly, JJBA is the anime that A Universal Time was based on. Let’s see how to get Planet Shaper in A Universal Time and its uses of.

How to get Planet Shaper in A Universal Time

Planet Shaper is one of those Stands that does not require special missions. You just need to follow these two steps to achieve it.

1. Get crystallized support with an arrow

First, you will need crystallized support. It is the default Stand. Generally, common arrows have these options. 

However, you can search or open chests through Meteors to get the basic Arrows. Continue this process until you get the basic arrows. If you’re not sure, it’s the blue summon.

2. Locate a meteor in the mountains

Next, you will need to head to the mountains where the meteorites appear on the map. In the meantime, you have to wait for the meteor to appear. 

Usually, it appears every 5 to 10 minutes. You must ensure that your crystallized Stand is not summoned at this point.

3. Use the meteor while still standing

Interact with the meteor, and as soon as the meteor disappears, re-summon your Crystallized Stand. Similarly, you may need to do it several times. 

However, there is the 1% to 22% possibility of obtaining Planet Shaper over there. Perhaps, you are successful in obtaining Planet Shaper. 

4. As soon as the meteor fades, summon your crystallized Stand

Finally, press ‘Q‘ to summon the Planet Shaper Stand. In such a case, your character will reappear with the Stand. 

Meanwhile, some players say that it is also possible to obtain Planet Shaper using a regular arrow. But the chances are only 0.1% of the time. 

However, you can do whatever you want. In my opinion, the Meteor method will increase your chances of success to get Planet Shaper in A Universal Time Roblox.

Planet Shaper Controls and Abilities in A Universal Time

Control KeyAbilities
GSpacetime Voidgate
M1Punch, basic attack
VWing Slash
BBlackhole Punch
YUnnamed Move
RStrong Punch
FReality Shift
HGround Slam