How to Get Gold Weapons in Overwatch

Get Gold Weapons in Overwatch: Overwatch is a fun team-based shooter with many different Heroes for each team. Each Hero in this game has a lot of other Skins. These Skins make the Hero look a little different. If you look at the Skins that come with each Hero, you’ll see that they’re pretty cool.

Skins aren’t the only thing you can wear in the game. There are also other things you can wear. One of these is the Golden Guns. Make your weapon look like it’s made of gold. In this guide, I’ll show you how to get Gold Weapons in Overwatch so that you can use them.

How to Get Gold Weapons in Overwatch

Only if you have Competitive Points can you get Gold Weapons or Golden Guns in Overwatch. You can only buy them with them. It is one of the currencies that can buy only Golden Weapons in the game. 

They will stop getting them when they have 6000 unused Competitive Points. They will still get their end-of-season rewards, even though they haven’t used them yet. Different ranks will get different amounts of CP (Competitive Points). Each rank costs:

  • The number of points earned by a role is determined by each rank’s number of competitive points.
    • Bronze – 25
    • Silver 50
    • Gold 100
    • Platinum 200
    • Diamond 300
    • Master 500
    • Grandmaster – 653.

If you are playing Competitive in the Open Queue, The number of CP you can earn varies.

  • The number of points earned by a competitive role for each rank in Open Queue
    • Bronze – 65
    • Silver – 125.
    • Gold 250
    • Platinum 500
    • Diamond – 775
    • Master 1200
    • Grandmaster 1750

It doesn’t matter if you win, draw, or lose. You will still get the CP for the rank your roles are in. Most quickly, you can reach higher ranks in all your roles, such as Tank, DPS, and Support. This will allow you to get more Gold Weapons and get them faster,