How To Fix This Copy Of Windows Is Not Genuine | Best Ways

What Does This Message Mean?

The copy of windows is not genuine screen will sometimes appear on your screen in the windows 7 build 76000r 7601 computer desktop. What will happen if you can’t change the wallpaper? Is the computer performance getting worse day by day?

Do not worry; Here is some of the information about this issue which will help you to know what to do if this situation arises. There are five solutions listed below which will prove beneficial to you. Try them one by one and one will certainly click and work for you.

This Copy of Windows Is Not Genuine Build 7600/7601

The windows not genuine problem is a worldwide problem and you are not alone in this. Many people have experienced this problem at least one time in their life and if not they are yet to face this issue. According to the feedback given by the users’ one of this issue,

it happens after the installation of some updates and there is a message on the down under of the desktop which says “windows 7 build 7601 this copy of windows is not genuine”

You might get this type of message in windows 7 to build 7600/7601. You may also find that there will be dark background at the back which cannot be changed by any means.

You will not be able to change the background through the available options also. Many of you might use the Windows operating system for many purposes such as entertainment. Can you imagine the situation when you are watching a movie and suddenly this screen descends and makes everything dark?

This is how many people have experienced this issue in their life. Yes, nothing could be more irritating right? So the most important thing to do away is the issue of windows not genuine. Let’s see some of the solutions for it.

1. Permanent fix of the dark screen with 7 KB971033 update

Your windows will work well without any setbacks when you install the 7 KB971033 updates. This development has helped to detect the operating system of the windows. This update is called as the Windows Activation Technologies.

Once this technology finds that the copy you are using is not genuine you will get a message that will convey “Windows 7 build 7601 this copy of Window is not genuine”. This message will be displayed on the lower right of the desktop. So you can uninstall the part of the windows and get solve this problem.

2. Backup with the MiniTool ShadowMaker

The windows will have an inbuilt backup tool which is there to make the backup files and system image. You may opt for it to protect the PC. However, sometimes you may observe the issues such as the windows backup stuck at creating the system image.

Moreover, this tool is not so flexible if you are wishful to back up the entire files which for most of the times are large in capacity. Even the backups which are differential are not supported. Therefore many of the users recommend using the third party apps that are specially created for this purpose.

You can use these apps to back up the files with ease. There is a very famous tool called as the MiniTool ShadowMaker which is considered safe and trustworthy for use as the windows backup software.  It is gaining so much of popularity because of its very powerful features.

The functions which can be done with this excellent app are file backup, system backup, partition backup, disk backup etc. The restoration is also available in this app.

There are many types of backup modes, for instance, the automatic backup, differential backup, incremental backup which can be made. If you opt for a backup scheme, disk management can be enabled. Most importantly this app will help you to all the things easily.

Making a backup of the files is really easy-

  • Double click the MiniTool ShadowMaker to open it. Later click the button connect and the remote or the local options.
  • If there are no backups click the setup backup option which will be in the home interface. This software will lead you to the backup page. In this page, you need to choose the backup source and storage path. All the system partitions will be selected by these functions. Enter the source selection to choose the type of the file you want to backup.
  • Go back to the backup page and click the option backup now. This will initiate the backup process.


3. Use the SLMGR-REARM command

This is a prompt command of your licensing tool and it will help to reset the license of your windows.

  • A system administrator can only change this command. For this go to the start menu and search the prompt option. By right-clicking the cmde.exe option you will be an administrator.
  • A popup window will be displayed where you have to enter the SLMGR- REARM command.
  • A window will display that the task has been performed successfully and will tell you to restart the device.


4. Fix windows 7 not genuine with RSOP

There are several ways to fix the windows 7 not genuine. One such perfect method to fix this problem is with ROSP.

  • To start this process click the win + R button to open and run the window.
  • A box will be displayed where you have to type rsop.msc. Then press the button and click enter.
  • Go to the window settings. In some cases, the setting will pop. In the window, settings go to security settings and click the system services option.
  • After the previous step, a box will appear. Plug and play the options and double click it. There will be a startup option and click on the automatic tag.
  • Now you may have to open the run window once more on your device. In the textbox type gpupdate and enter.
  • Now you may have to restart the computer to make changes. After your device is opened you may see that all the not genuine problems would have been fixed.

5. Switch off the automatic windows update

From the above three simple ways, it is very easy to fix the windows is not genuine problem.  To ignore this problem in future try to switch off the windows update. If your windows update is set automatic then the device will be automatically updated and the windows not genuine problem will again rise. Therefore, let’s see how to turn off the windows automatic update.

  • Choose the control panel option. This option can be found in the start menu.
  • In the windows setting, you can press the system and security option. You can see a windows automatic update there. Turn it off to stop the updates of windows.
  • In the important updates notification choose the never check windows update option. This option is very necessary as it will disable all the notification related to updates.
  • To save all the changes you have to never forget to click on the okay button.

6. Register if this version windows copy is genuine

Many users use the pirated version of the windows. The pirated version is a copy or a duplicate version of the original windows.  If you are using the pirated version of the Windows 7 then you will always receive a popup saying that your window is not genuine.

After every month of installing the pirated version of windows, the notification will keep on popping. The pirated version of the windows 7 may also contain bugs so it may also cause some problems to your device.

If you face these kinds of problems on your system then it is better to get the license key of genuine version of the windows 7.

You may also activate the genuine version of the windows. It is an uncomplicated process. Follow and read these instructions properly to activate the genuine version of the windows.  While purchasing the genuine version of the windows it is always prescribed to get it from the official windows website because it is reliable.

  • In the start menu, you can search for the windows activation task.
  • If you have products key of your windows render the same to activate.
  • A text box will display in the screen, enter the license into that box. After this, you can see that the process of activation will begin. You may also stop getting the window is not genuine popup.

Sometimes you may get windows is not genuine popup even though you use the genuine version. This may occur because your license is shared by multiple people or device.


It can be really annoying to get the windows is not genuine popup every time you log in. However, all these above steps will help you to fix this problem effortlessly.

After trying out all these above solutions the watermark will disappear and you can use windows without any difficulties.  Even after trying all these solutions the problem is not fixed you can directly ask help from the windows team.