How to Fix 0x800106ba Error on Windows

Error 0x800106ba would occur on windows pc. In this article we are going to help you fix the error by guiding you through various steps. You just need to focus on the guidelines that we give you now. The error is also known as a windows defender error that would be a default firewall for windows computers. This error will occur on your windows pc when something wrong happens with the the default firewall. Let me guide you by explaining the causes of the error on your pc.

How to Fix 0x800106ba Error on Windows

It is always better to go with the cases of the error. That would definitely help you better understand the error cause. So that you can fix the error with ease.

Causes of the Error 0x800106ba on Windows

Error will occur when your windows computer does not able to process the files of windows defender. You will probably get this error when windows defender is unable to cope up with your windows computer. So you need to first fix it to make your computer work properly. The error message would be like shown below on your pc.

Those are the possible error message looks. If you encounter the similar message on your windows pc, you can proceed further and find the solution for the error.

Here we are going to provide you the best method which works for sure. So that you can fix the error without allowing it to make dirty changes on your pc. Follow the methods that we given and find the best one for your computer and follow then.

Method 1 : Re-Install Windows Defender

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This is the best method to fix the error code that we are talking of. Please follow these steps that mentioned below.

  • Go to Control Panel from the Start Menu on your Windows PC.
  • Choose Programs and Find Windows Defender.
  • Now Choose Uninstall and remove the program completely.
  • Now simply restart your windows pc and to make changes perfectly.
  • Now go to Microsoft Website and find the windows defender latest version and download it.
  • Install the Microsoft Windows Defender and check the things right away on your pc.

Method 2 : Use Cleanup Utility On Windows

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This is yet another awesome method to fix the error that we are discussing about. This method does not ask you uninstall the windows defender that we discuss in method 1. Follow the steps below and find the best outcome as solution right away.

  • Download the Windows Cleanup Utility from the internet.
  • Install the software on your windows pc just like you install all the .exe files.
  • Open the software and run a cleanup activity.
  • Choose Windows defender from the menu that this app shows you on your pc while cleaning up.
  • This will probably solve your problem.

Above given method would definitely help you to 0x800106ba fix the problem. If they are not helpful, take a while and clean your registry.