How to Do the Teleport (Zip) Glitch in Elden Ring PC

Teleport (Zip) Glitch in Elden Ring PC: There are many different types of people who play the game Elden Ring and the Souls genre in general. They find a lot of glitches that will help them speed run the game in record time. 

Here, we’ll look at one glitch that will let you move quickly from one place to another. These steps show you how to do the Teleport glitch in the game Elden Ring.

How to Do the Teleport (Zip) Glitch in Elden Ring PC

These are the essential items you should remember when trying to solve the Teleportation glitch.


  • Create your character block using an armoury (some have done it by double-handling the sword).
  • Click W on the keyboard repeatedly and over that will allow you to speed up.
  • Although it sounds like it could require some time because it’s dependent on the hardware and precise timing.
  • Be cautious when using this but be aware that often you could be transported to a place that is suspended in mid-air and then slide into the dark.
  • Based on various instances, it could or might not work based on the circumstances. It’s pretty inconsistent.

Method 1 of Doing the Teleportation Glitch (With a Script)

  • To fix this issue, it is necessary to install AutoHotkey via
  • Then, download and install the zip glitch AHK scripts from Google Drive.
  • In addition to skipping specific locations in the game, you could skipping any of the Godskin Duo or some other bosses if they’re making you feel yelled at.

Method 2 of Doing the Zip Glitch (No Scripts Needed)

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  • If you’re looking for an option that doesn’t need AHK, then try the Metronome method, but it depends on your hardware’s specs.
    • Navigate to Graphics Settings in the game and switch the Quality setting to Low.
    • In the Advanced settings, Change the Texture Quality and the Other Quality Settings to low so that you can get 60 FPS for the duration of this technique.
    • In addition, toggle Motion Blur and the Field Depth Field, SSAO, to Off.
    • You can utilize it to play the Metronome sound on any website or application. Set the BPM to 109.
    • Maintain your character in the exact location and direction you would like to get teleported.
    • Click Left Click and ALT simultaneously (which makes your character use the shield to stop) and after 4 clicks. Press W on your keyboard.