How to complete the Grasp of Avarice Fallen Shield encounter in Destiny 2 ?

After racing against time to destroy Fallen mines, you will venture into the next arena.

 This is one of the most open areas in Destiny 2. The encounter is lighthearted and fun. 

This encounter should be easy if you are familiar with previous encounter mechanics such as the Burdened By Riches engrams and the Scorchcannon.

Navigate the arena, and charge the crystals

There will be several platforms around the arena, each with man-cannons.

 Begin by looking for a Fallen Vandal with a Scorch gun. 

Then, as with other encounters, kill and grab the Vandal’s Scorch cannon. 

To launch yourself onto a platform, shoot a fully charged Scorch cannon into the Fallen battery. 

Stand next to the platforms and press the button to rotate them.

Look out for the shielded Servitor on any of the platforms. Please navigate to the forum once you have found it. 

You’ll see a lot of enemies spawning once you reach the platform. 

Kill them and collect false engrams that they drop to obtain charges of Burdened By Riches. 

After collecting 20 charges, you can head to the middle platform to deposit them in the crystal. 

This will bring down the Servitors shield.

Start the Servitor, and then pop the shield.

You’ll notice that a portion of the Servitor’s machinery can now be moved around once you have killed it. 

Although it may seem awkward at first, this mechanic is similar to those of other pushable objects in Destiny 2. 

Push the ball over to the platform man-cannon pod. 

Once in the small divet, position the man-cannon to launch at the glowing orange cells of the central construct. 

Once you have the ball correctly aimed, fire the Scorch cannon shot from the Scorch cannon to shoot the Fallen battery attached to the man-cannon to launch it and destroy a portion of the Fallen shield. 

This process will be repeated four times until the shield is completely broken. 

Once you are done, all man-cannons will point towards the middle platform. There your hard-earned loot will wait for you.