How to chat in Diablo 2 Resurrected? D2R Chat not working Fixed!

  • ‘Help’ – Numeric keypad 0
  • ‘Follow me’ – Numeric keypad 1
  • ‘This is for you’ – Numeric Keypad 2
  • ‘Thank you’ – Numeric Keypad 3
  • ‘Sorry’ – Numeric Keypad 4
  • ‘Goodbye’ – Numeric Keypad 5
  • ‘Now you die’ – Numeric keypad 6
  • ‘Withdrawal’ – Numeric keypad 7

Diablo 2 Resurrected Chat is not working Fix

Perhaps, you’re unable to communicate via the chat function. You’re not alone facing the D2R chat issue. Earlier, a lot of players playing in beta reported this issue. 

However, we can see it is present in the main game also. In this situation, you’ll have to be patient with Blizzard to fix the issue in a future patch. 

What you could do instead is to use Discord as a replacement for a chat with your friends while playing. Since text chat is a problem, you can use Discord to connect with your friends.

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However, this article will explain how to chat within Diablo 2. Also, the best way to resolve the chat issue that isn’t working. 

Besides, if D2R servers fail to function, make sure you find out the best way to determine the status of your server. If you are experiencing problems with blocking, there are solutions to troubleshoot that you can apply.