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“I’ve been trying hard for the two days back to know how to cancel HBO Now subscription? Unfortunately, I still couldn’t figure out where exactly to go and which option is exactly going to help me cancel it without a hassle. I’m tired of trying and I would be truly grateful if someone guides me throughout the procedure.”

Is it the same story with you? Well, I’ve met a lot of people till now who had the same sort of complaint. This is the reason I’m here for you to help. Why would you want to cancel your subscription? The reasons can be many. I would certainly explain them all before providing the solution. So let’s get into the details of HBO subscription cancellation.

Getting rid of an HBO subscription isn’t actually that straightforward. There are versatile forms of HBO subscription. Similarly, their cancellation procedure also varies from one another. For example – HBO Go, HBO, and HBO Now. For the other two subscriptions, only your satellite (DishTV, DirectTV, etc)/cable provider can only cancel the subscription.

HBO Now is an online-only subscription. Unlike Netflix, canceling its subscription isn’t that easy and quick. Scroll down to know how to cancel HBO now?

How To Cancel HBO Now Subscription?

Canceling HBO subscription is easy, as it has no contract. Therefore, the termination fees come to zero. Additionally, you have already paid one-month fees in advance. So you have zero outstanding to pay during cancellation. And guess what, you can subscribe again without a hassle. So let’s move ahead to a more insightful discussion.

iPad, Mac, and iPhone. Or, Apple TV through iTunes account and Apple ID. These are the usual sign-up devices you use for HBO Now subscription. And I’m hereby representing the step-by-step guide to canceling it. Have you subscribed to the HBO Now website? I’ve got the guidelines for you to let you know how to cancel HBO Now subscription directly? The first-ever move is to identify who you subscribed through. And I can help you with that too. Let’s find out…

Method 1: How to Cancel HBO Now Through Your Provider?

To unsubscribe, you have to begin with finding out your HBO Now service provider. You surely do remember who you subscribed to. However, there are users using HBO Now for years. In that case, follow the guidelines to check on it.

Checking Through The HBO Now App:

  • Go to the HBO Now app.
  • Check the top-right corner and choose the hamburger menu.
  • Move to the Settings section from the bottom of the menu.
  • From the Settings section, hit Billing Information.
  • A new screen will appear with a specific message. “Your HBO Now subscription is billed through X.”

Checking through the web browser:

  • Open your web browser and search for
  • Go to the top-right corner of the page. Click the Settings option.
  • Go to the Billing Information.
  • Here a new page will be reflecting on your screen. “Your HBO Now subscription is billed through X.”

Now you’ve finally figured out your HBO Now service provider. Different instructions are there on your HBO for separate providers. So explore your HBO subscription throughout and cancel your subscription.

Otherwise, you can call the concerned service provider for cancellation. In case you have subscribed directly through HBO, you have to cancel the subscription on your own. And I’ve mentioned the procedures throughout.

Method 2: Cancel HBO Now on iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone

Used your iPhone, iPad, or iPod during HBO Now subscription? Follow the procedure accordingly in order to complete its unsubscription. Remember, whichever device you used during subscription, the same device should be used during the cancellation as well.

  • Open your Home Screen and go to the App Store.
  • Navigate to the Today section and click the Profile icon. The icon remains at the top on the right corner of the screen.
  • Go to Manage Subscriptions.

How to cancel HBO now

  • Scroll down to look for your subscription and click it.
  • Tap on the Cancel Subscription button.
  • Choose the Confirm option in order to finally cancel the subscription.

cancel HBO now subscription

And you’ve completed canceling your HBO Now subscription. At the end of its billing period, the subscription will be over.

Method 3: How to Cancel HBO Now on Mac?

So you’ve subscribed to HBO Now from your Mac. Here is a step-by-step process to help you unsubscribe it. Ensure to go through the process from your Mac device.

  • Go to iTunes.
  • Navigate to the toolbar and tap on Account.
  • Click View My Account.
  • Scroll down and find the Manage option. It should be on the right side of the subscriptions.
  • Again scroll down and tap on the Edit button. The option reflects on the right side of the subscription.
  • Choose the Cancel Subscription option.
  • Hit the Confirm button to ensure the cancellation.

Over and out. You’ve finally unsubscribed your HBO Now subscription. As soon as the billing period ends, the subscription is over.

Method 4: Cancel HBO Now on Apple TV

Have you subscribed to HBO Now from your Apple TV? Here is the procedure to unsubscribe it. Ensure that you follow the steps from your Apple TV itself.

  • Power on your Apple TV and go to the Settings.
  • Click on the Accounts option and hit Manage Subscriptions.

How to cancel HBO Now?

  • Navigate to the subscription you would like to cancel.
  • Hit the Cancel Subscription button.
  • Choose the Confirm option to ensure the cancellation.

And now you’re done with your HBO Now subscription cancellation. As your billing period ends, the subscription will go off.

Method 5: How to Cancel HBO Now Directly From The Website

Have you subscribed directly to the HBO website? Then it’s mandatory to unsubscribe it right from the website. For that, there is a typical procedure you must follow. So let’s go ahead…

  • Open your web browser and search for
  • Check the top-right corner of the page and click Sign-In.
  • Enter your credentials (Email address and password) to log in.
  • Go to the top-right segment and choose Settings.
  • Hit the Billing Information option.
  • Look for the Auto-Renew button. Tap on the next switch for powering off the auto-renew.
  • Choose Yes in order to ensure the changes.

Finally, you’re successful in canceling the subscription of HBO Now. The subscription will be over as soon as the existing billing cycle ends.

Note: Did you purchase your subscription through any other device? Like – Roku, Samsung, Android, or Amazon Kindle. In that case, you must unsubscribe it from those devices.

The Final Verdict

Did the solutions I mentioned resolve your HBO Now issues? You can certainly change your mind to not cancel the HBO Now subscription. However, if the problem is its high-expenses, do unsubscribe it. Hopefully, the procedures of canceling HBO Now can help you do it more efficiently. The decision relies upon your preferences. So all the best with your next move!