How To Activate Essence Transfer In Diablo Immortal

Activate Essence Transfer In Diablo Immortal: After a lengthy wait, Diablo Immortal has been published, and it is the franchise’s first mobile-friendly offering. Players have been familiarizing themselves with the game mechanics since its debut. Diablo Immortal has Essence Transfer, which allows players to utilize their legendary gear and transfer its abilities.

How Do You Turn On Essence Transfer In Diablo Immortal?

Once players grasp the fundamental principle, unlocking the Essence Transfer in Diablo Immortal is simple. Players will need two legendary goods in their inventory to complete this. Each of these objects must be of the same kind.

Players must visit Zamina after they acquire all of the things. Zamina is a merchant NPC located just across from the Rakkis Plaza Waypoint in Westmarch. Players will be able to extract and inherit the power of their legendary item from this NPC.

How Do You Extract Essence?

Players may use Zamina to extract as many legendary artifacts as they like as long as they have enough Gold to pay for them. Players’ previously removed things will appear in gold when they return to the merchant for extraction. 

Glow-in-the-dark shards may be obtained by destroying these objects. Players should stock up on this item since it is quite handy when dealing with the Vendor.

If a player can extract an item from the list, it will appear underneath the item entry.

How To Inherit Essence?

After extracting it, players may inherit the essence of a legendary item and shift it to another thing of the same kind. This is accomplished in the same manner as the extraction. 

To inherit from objects, players must go to Zamina. Once an item has absorbed the essence of a legendary thing, it will take on the legendary item’s name, look, and powers.

In Diablo Immortal, this is how players may obtain Essence Transfer, which allows them to extract and inherit Essence.