Halo Infinite Art Director Leaves 343 Industries

Since the release of Halo Infinite more than six months ago, a lot has transpired. For instance, a campaign co-op beta just went online, and the creators released a new season of content titled Lone Wolves.

Sadly, despite these upgrades, Halo series fans received some depressing news when it was revealed that a longstanding developer who had worked on Halo Infinite was leaving the franchise.

Nicolas Bouvier, Halo Infinite‘s art director, just announced his departure from 343 Industries. The coder, who used the handle Sparth on social media, tweeted the news.

Sparth said in the message that their employment with 343 Industries was over.

They looked to be departing their employment in high spirits, albeit it was unclear what exactly led to their choice to quit the gaming company.

They disclosed that they have decided to “pursue other possibilities outside of Microsoft and 343 Industries” in the tweet from Sparth.

However, they emphasized that they had cherished their time spent working for the organization throughout the years.

According to the former Halo developer, they hoped their previous employer’s future would be prosperous.

Sparth also expressed gratitude to their coworkers at 343 Industries, with whom they had collaborated for over a decade.

They said, “You guys are and always will be fantastic.”

They have already left behind a lasting legacy that will be evident when Sparth continues his path in the video game business and beyond.

They have worked with 343 Industries for the last 14 years, contributing to many projects. Sparth joined in 2009 and worked as the primary concept artist on Halo 4 and Halo 5.

He was promoted to art director for Halo Infinite due to his performance. Sparth has dabbled in the design of other video game franchises.

They were the senior concept artist for Rage at id Software and had previously worked on the first Assassin’s Creed.

Although Sparth’s departure from 343 Industries is certainly disappointing news for some franchise fans, they are only one of the numerous devs who have lately departed the firm.

For instance, Jerry Hook, the Halo Infinite’s head of design, quit the firm to found Jar of Sparks, a brand-new video game development studio.

Additionally, after the release of Halo Infinite, multiplayer designer Andrew Witts departed 343 Industries.

We’ll have to wait and see what Halo Infinite and Sparth have in store for the future. Despite leaving the series, the artist’s artwork has had a long-lasting impact on the Halo franchise. The following location where their art appears will be intriguing to watch.