Grenada vs St Lucia Citizenship Programs by Investment

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It will be an excellent idea for those looking for a lucrative business to participate in a citizenship by investment program from two Caribbean countries this year.

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Grenada CBI Program Overview

More than 4,000 foreigners have already obtained a Grenadian passport to purchase real estate, and the number of investors attracted is growing every year. Participation in the program takes place in a remote format not only for the principal applicant but also for all members of his family. Grenada CBI is a chance to secure a better life for yourself by gaining access to promising investment markets and relocating your business activities.

Application Requirements

The program does not require participants to know Caribbean history, culture, literature, and language. The only thing that must be met is a small list of requirements, which include:

  • no criminal record;
  • be of legal age;
  • pass a background check by a government agent;
  • be in good health;
  • have no history of visa violations in the U.S., Canada, or other countries.

Participants must not expose or create a potential danger to the national security of Grenada.

Taxes and Business Markets

From the time of arrival in the country, the investor can become a tax resident after more than 180 days. As a consequence, he can get a special tax ID, which allows him to pay taxes under reduced and simplified conditions. Income taxes are calculated on a progressive scale. The commercial market is mainly focused on the development of the country in the economic direction, as well as actively developing tourism activities.

Investment Types

Foreigners who apply for a Grenada passport can use two methods. The first is a quick process: donating 150,000 dollars to the National Fund. The second way is to purchase a residential or commercial property worth US$220,000.

Obvious Pros

The program has many advantages that attract investors from all over the world. The main pros include:

  1. Political stability.
  2. Legal and tax security.
  3. Opportunity to open an account in American and European banks.
  4. Traveling without restrictions.
  5. Getting an education in the best universities in the world.

According to Vladlena Baranova, an expert of Immigrant Invest company, it is possible to become the owner of a “strong passport,” which opens up unlimited opportunities in economic and social spheres of life with one application and investment of money.

St Lucia CBI Program Overview

The St. Lucia program has been in effect for more than five years. Foreigners can purchase a residential, commercial property, or land plot for a minimum amount of 100,000 USD, and after 120 days, you will become the owner of the coveted document. Saint Lucia citizenship by investment is a common option among people who are engaged in promising and profitable businesses.

Application Requirements

It is quick and easy to participate in the renowned St Lucia CBI. You just need to meet the requirements. They include:

  • the majority age of the primary applicant;
  • successful security clearance;
  • lawfully having accumulated savings;
  • absence of a criminal record.

Relatives of the applicant for citizenship can also participate and enjoy all preferences on equal rights.

Taxes and Business Markets

St. Lucia’s income tax rates range from 0 to 30%. In total, the tax rates in this country are lower than in Grenada and represent significant differences to participants. The country’s economy is based on agriculture, investment from foreign arrivals, and tourism.

Investment Types

An applicant can ensure that he and his entire family can live and enjoy the benefits of a country in the Caribbean and retain the right to Caribbean citizenship for generations to come. Applicants are eligible to choose from various options on where to invest their money: government funds, real estate, business, stocks, or bonds of the country.

Obvious Pros

Persons who have obtained ownership of real estate can assess the main benefits. St Lucia passport candidates can visit over 140 countries without visa restrictions, live, work, study in CARICOM, open a local bank account, and more.

Final Comparison

In comparison with other programs, the above options have quite simple conditions and quick application process. Submit your completed application form on the official website of Immigrant Invest and secure yourself a promising future.