GPU Fans Not Spinning? Causes and Working Fix

GPU Fans are a key part of the cooling and getting efficient performance out of your graphics card. Sometimes the fans may stop spinning and you’ll end up with the GPU Fans not spinning issue. This particular issue is very confusing as the users don’t know the cause of it. So, they don’t know how to resolve it.

You will probably end up searching “My GPU Fans are not spinning, what should I do?” If this seems like your case, then this is the right place for you. Here, I will tell you what causes the GPU Fans to stop spinning and how you can fix it.

Possible Causes for the GPU Fans Not Spinning

GPU Fans not spinning isn’t a common PC issue but any type of PC user may experience it. If you are a new user or an old one, you may notice that the graphics card Fans have abruptly stopped spinning. When this happens, you’d be left clueless because you may or may not know the reason. So, the first thing you should if you encounter this issue is to identify the cause.

GPU Fans Not Spinning

For that, you can take a look at the possible causes, and match them with your situation. If you are able to identify the cause successfully, it would be very simple to eliminate it and solve the problem.

List of common causes of this problem

Here is a list of common causes that may lead you to this confusing problem. Take a look at these and try to identify which one matches your case.

1. The GPU Fan(s) is in idle mode: The graphics card fans are meant to run only when the hit a specific temperature or when the GPU is under heavy usage. And, when it is idle, GPU will use other passive cooling methods such as heatsink or any other. If you have built a new PC and seen the fan not spinning, then this is probably the reason.

2. PCIe Cable or Any Other Essential Cable is Unplugged: A lot of people forget to plug back cables after removing them. You can check if the PCIe cable or any other important cable inside the cabinet is unplugged. If you don’t know the PCIe cable, it is the cable that connects your graphics card to the power supply (PSU). Double-check all the cables.

3. Too much dust on the GPU Fans: Over time, dust and grease may settle on the GPU fans and due to their load, the fans may stop working properly. So, check if excess dirt or dust is collected on the fans.

4. The bearings are stuck: If you have an older GPU, the bearings of its fans may get stuck. You can simply oil them to get them back running.

5. Problematic hardware or drivers: A common reason for this issue is problematic hardware like cables, GPU, fans, etc, or drivers that help the fans work.

How to Fix the GPU Fans Not Spinning Issue?

Once you have figured out the cause in your CPU, you can move on to fix the problem. You can simply jump to the solution that is meant to work according to your reason. Or, if you don’t the cause yet, you can try using the solutions one by one. Here are the possible solutions you can use to solve this annoying isse.

fix gpu fans not spinning

Key Tip: Before moving further with any of the solutions, you should simply restart your computer. A lot of common PC issues can be solved with that. Who knows it may work like charm for this one as well.

1. Make the GPU Fans Work

As I have mentioned that your graphics card fans may not be working due to being in an idle state, so you can simply make them work to test if they are actually not spinning. To do that, you can simply run a game or a stress test/benchmark test.

Fix #1 for GPU Fans not spinning

It is recommended that you run a heavier game that puts load on the GPU. To find a stress test, you can simply Google it, and you’ll find a lot of offline and online tools.

2. Re-plug the Power Cables

If you have noticed that PCIe cable is not plugged in or improperly plugged in, you can gently remove it and then re-plug it into the slot. This will solve the problem. Also, if you notice other cables are unplugged, you can plug them as well.

Note: You can also try using alternate cables if you think that your cables are problematic. To check them, you can try using with another computer.

Fix #2 for GPU Fans not spinning

Make sure you know what to plug where. If you don’t, you can seek help from an expert. Also, some newer graphics card like GTX 1050 Ti doesn’t have PCIe cables, so you have to use other solutions for them.

3. Remove Dust & Oil the Bearings

If you have noticed that excess dust or dirt is settled on the fans, you should clean them. You can use a clean cotton cloth to get rid of the visible dust. And then, you can blow compressed air with a can to remove the remaining dust. Make sure you don’t make the fans wet.

Fix #3 for GPU Fans not spinning

After cleaning the dust, you can also oil the bearings if the fans seem jammed. To do that, remove the graphics card from the system and remove the fans. After that, peel off the sticker on the back and apply a couple of drops of the 3-in-1 household oil. Only do this if you have older GPU.

4. Update or Re-install Drivers

Sometimes the cause lies not in the hardware but in the software. So, you should always check if you have the latest drivers installed on your PC before checking the GPU. You can go to the Device Manager to do that. If there are any updates available, you can install them. Or, you can re-install the installed drivers if you are using the latest version.

Fix #4 for GPU Fans not spinning

A simpler way to do this is to use a driver updater software. They will simply automate the whole procedure for you.

5. Replace the Fans

If you have tried all the solutions already and the problem still exists, then maybe the fans have become faulty. So, you can try replacing them in order to solve the problem. You can take the graphics card to a service center or repair shop, and they’ll help you replace the fans. You can also replace them manually at home.

Fix #5 for GPU Fans not spinning

However, taking professional help is recommended if you aren’t a PC expert yourself. You should also try using your graphics card on other PC, and check if the fans are working there.

Final Verdict

There are several reasons why a GPU Fan may stop spinning. So, if you have noticed that the fans of your graphics card are not spinning, you should first identify the cause. After that, you can go on to applying a solution to eliminate the cause, and eventually solve the problem. However, if you are still struggling with the issue, I should recommend that you seek professional help or go for an upgrade.

That’s all for this post. I hope you find it helpful. Feel free to use the comment box to ask further help or share your opinions about this post.