Google to remove nearly 900K inactive apps from the Play Store

Google is planning to remove roughly 900,000 applications from the Play Store that have been abandoned or are no longer maintained.

According to Android Authority, the number of available applications on the Google Play Store might shrink by almost a third.

Both Google and Apple have announced plans to address abandoned applications or those that haven’t been updated in two years. In Google’s example, there are 869,000 applications, while Apple has 650,000.

According to CNET, Google is reportedly planning to conceal specific applications, making it hard for people to download them until the creators fix them.

The fundamental reason both organizations are taking these steps is to ensure the security of their consumers.

Changes in Android and iOS, new APIs, and new development methodologies that improve security are not available to older applications. Consequently, older applications may include security issues that are not present in newer apps, according to the analysis.