Google Play now shows Apple App Store-style app privacy labels for apps

Google Play will now show you more about the apps you download than just their names. Privacy labels for apps are being added to the Play Store. These labels show what information an app is getting from users. Because the App Store started showing app privacy labels almost a year before Google made the feature public, people who own iPhones already know about the new feature that Google is putting on the market. All users of the Google Play Store will start getting privacy labels in the next few weeks, and they will be shown to everyone.

There must be safety labels added by July 20. People will be able to see more about how apps collect, share, and protect their users’ data in a new section called “Data safety.” Developers must finish this section for their apps by July 20 so that users can see it in Google Play. She is Suzanne Frey.

The Vice President said it of Product, Android Security, and Privacy in a blog post.

Google says that with the new update, users will see more of the information that the apps they are downloading will give them.

As well as what information an app is collecting, users also want to know why the app is collecting it. The users need to know if their information is being shared with other apps. With the new Play Store updates, users will be able to see if the app needs this data to work or if this data collection is optional, so they can decide if they want to do it.

Users will see what data the developer is collecting and why, whether the data is being shared with third parties, and more. In terms of security, Google said that the app’s encryption of data in transit and whether users can ask for data to be deleted are essential.

Google has made it easier for people to control their apps on their phones. Suppose an app wants to know where you are. Users can quickly and easily decide if they want to let the app know where they are for one time, only while using the app, or all the time. People can go to the Android Privacy dashboard to see what apps are doing with their data. This includes permissions like camera, microphone, and location data, which can be very important. Watch live TV