Google Chrome for Android may soon allow you to restore all recently closed tabs

Google Chrome on Android can sometimes cause problems when you close all of your tabs at once. This could happen because of a bug or by accident. Many people keep looking for ways to get back all of the tabs that were open before Chrome abruptly closed. This is especially true if there are a lot of tabs that were open before Chrome closed. Google Chrome for Android is experimenting with a feature that lets users restore all closed tabs at once, just like on Chrome for desktop, to solve long-term problems.

Getting a window back is easy if you go back through your browser history, but many people have trouble getting back all the closed tabs. However, there was no way to bring back multiple closed accounts on Chrome for Android. Chrome Story recently pointed out a new experimental flag in the Chromium source code Android Bulk Restore or Android Tab Restore. This flag shows that Google has already started to test this feature on Android, which Chrome Story says is a good sign for people who use Android.

People will be able to restore all of their recent tabs at once by turning on the “restoration” feature in Chrome. It is done by going to Recent Tabs > Closed Tabs. This will save the user a lot of time because they won’t have to go through their Chrome history and open new windows by clicking on links from the past.

Google Chrome for Android’s Canary version will soon have this feature. It’s not clear when this will happen. However, there is no set a date for this feature to go public. There is a note about Chromium Gerrit that says it isn’t ancient. Download the Canary version of Google Play if you want to play around with it. However, because it’s so unstable, Android users should wait for the stable version to come out to have the best experience possible.

Chrome’s desktop version can restore all recently closed tabs. It also comes with a pop-up window that lets you decide if you want to restore the tabs you’ve just completed or not.

As of now, Chrome for Android lets the user manually restore each tab one by one, but it isn’t yet possible to fix them all at once with a single click of the mouse. Working on a feature that lets people bring back recently closed tabs from the “Recently closed” section under Recent tabs. Google has been working on this feature.

Adding this new feature will allow users to have a smooth browsing experience, where restoring closed tabs won’t be a problem.