Google brings Chrome OS to Windows and Mac at no cost.

Google brings Chrome OS: Google has developed an easy and quick method to install Chrome OS on your Windows or Mac devices. 

The answer will be Chrome OS Flex. This lets you install Chrome OS onto your PC or laptop and is free of charge. 

Here’s what you should be aware of this latest release of Chrome OS.

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Chrome OS Flex Can help you turn your PC into the Chromebook

Chrome OS Flex lets you convert your Windows or Mac device into the form of a Chromebook to provide a more efficient and more contemporary experience.

 As Google states, it’s a ” free and sustainable option to upgrade the devices that you already have.

This will be targeted at businesses and the general public user looking to test Chrome OS.

 Additionally, it is an excellent way to reuse older devices, which could, in turn, aid in reducing e-waste.

This means that Windows PCs and Macs can be made more secure, won’t be slowing down with time, will boot up quickly, and will receive automatically downloaded updates from the background. 

Like Chrome OS, the first version of Chrome OS is the Flex version also gives users access to Google Assistant Google Play Store for applications, the typical Chrome OS functions, and regular updates. 

However, certain features might be restricted based on the hardware you’re using.

It’s also revealed that Chrome OS Flex could be an alternative variant of the CloudReady but with some limitations: a Chrome OS-like operating system, which permits you to download any device and turn it into a Chromebook. 

It has been a part of Google since Google purchased Neverware and created CloudReady.

How do I get the Chrome OS Flex?

Google recommends installing the Chrome OS Flex program is an easy process, and all you need is a USB stick. 

It is as easy as creating a bootstrapped USB Drive and installing the software on your computer by following Google’s directions. 

Businesses can extend Chrome OS to other devices by following the same procedure.

It’s been announced that the Chrome OS Flex early access is live, and if curious, you can go to this page to start the installation process.

What do you think of this new version of Chrome OS Flex? Do you plan to buy it? 

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