Go to Police or Look For Proof?

Go to Police or Look For Proof: The suggestion to Kate to contact the police regarding Nathan or suggest that she seek out evidence against him

during the second episode of The Life of the Party directly affects the outcome of a crucial moment later during the show.

This guide will give the general outline of what transpires in the episode, followed by providing a spoiler-free breakdown for those who wish to know the story’s details.

Consequences of Telling Kate to go to The Police in Life is Strange.

Kate is thrilled she can say that Max accepts and agrees with her plan to inform the police what Nathan was able to do to her, in a crucial conversation with Kate in episode 2.

The Life of the Party This decision can convince Kate to take action much more straightforwardly.

The Police Spoilers: Telling Kate to visit the police leads to her sending a gratifying texts message to Max; however, most notably, this means that it’s much easier to help save Kate from self-destruction later in the story.

If Kate can survive, Max can visit her in the hospital and understand the events to her on the evening that night at The Vortex Club event.

Kate will also supply Max with Nathan’s number for his room if Max tries to locate the evidence against him.

Consequences of Telling Kate to Look for Proof in Life is Strange

Kate is very angry with Max for not being supportive of her decision. 

She expresses her displeasure even more strongly in Max when players decide to take photos instead of taking part in Life is Strange.

 It’s much more challenging to convince Kate that something is essential in the future.

Watch for Proof Spoilers This huge life-altering choice is a major one with a significant impact on it as preserving Kate’s life as she is trying to commit suicide near the conclusion of the show is a lot more complicated.

There are six or five options for dialogue that players have to make near-perfectly to convince Kate not to jump. 

Tell her to look for evidence is a three-word error option in the third dialog option. 

If two wrong choices are made throughout the entire conversation, Kate is likely to fall off the top of the hill.

Should You Tell Kate to go to The Police or Look For Proof?

It is a crucial decision that must make in the Life of Strange If the characters want to persuade Kate of something easier later in the tale.

Although you can convince Kate to call the police, it’s challenging to make this happen when you don’t know the best choices beforehand. 

It is recommended to confirm Kate’s decision to go to the police because seeking proof does not offer any real benefits.