Get Merit Points in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Pokemon Legends Arceus:  You could exchange your Merit Points in exchange for items like Pokeballs and other items in the game. 

However, many players aren’t sure of the best way to acquire or collect more points since they cannot receive merit Points similar to Pokedollars. 

Therefore, today we will examine how to earn Merit Points from Pokemon Legends Arceus.

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How to Get Merit Points in Pokemon Legends Arceus

You can earn Merit Points from Pokemon Legends Arceus by collecting lost Satchels displayed on your map. 

A Lost and Found menu option will reward players with Merit Points. 

Simply collecting the lost objects as you travel around the Hisui region will allow you to accumulate Merit Points. 

Other Survey Corps personnel have lost these bags, so it is imperative to return the bags. 

Once you have joined the Galaxy Team at the beginning of the game, you will instantly unlock Merit Points. 

Therefore, as you travel, be on the lookout for pouches that have been lost by others so that you can earn Merit Points from the moment it is unlocked.

The Satchels appear on the map as icons for bags with a shining, bright glow on them when placed your cursor over them. 

If you’re near enough to the location marked on the map, you can look at the pouch’s area in the ground. 

To find it, move further and hit”A.” “A” button. The message will appear saying that your bag is returned to the user and an acknowledgment note. 

This process applies to all bags marked on your map that correspond to your current place.

Then, from on the “Communications” menu and then go into”Communications,” then go to the “Lost& Found” section. 

Alongside the brand new Satchel, you got you should see an exclamation point. 

Open it with your “A” button, after which you will receive Merit Points to go with it. 

Since lost satchels continue to appear for a long time, In theory, you will be able to accumulate unlimited Merit Points.

That’s how to earn Merit Points in Pokemon Legends Arceus.