Free Fire: Vampire Malevolence Bundle In Step Up Event

Vampire Malevolence: Bundles from Garena Free Fire are methods to get stunning outfits. 

The bundles are released at times and are available through premium passes, special events, and other options. 

“Step up” is a brand new event part of Free Fire which will be launched on February 16, 2022.

 It will conclude on the 22nd of February 2022.

The Vampire Malevolence Bundle is the primary draw in the Step Up Event in Free Fire. 

It is a draw-based event where players need to spend their diamonds every interest to get the Vampire Malevolence Bundle.

How To Get Vampire Malevolence Bundle in Free Fire?

Drawing Free Fire Free Fire is like the spinning royale event or spin. It’s based solely on luck. 

Players must invest in diamonds for every draw until they achieve what they’re hoping for. 

The Step-up Draw event is divided into three levels. The tiers are all locked and unlockable by one after the next. 

So, you need to draw at minimum once in order before moving up the levels and obtain The Vampire Malevolence Bundle within Free Fire. 

The first draw at the base tier needs 39 diamonds to unlock before you can proceed. 

The more attractions grow, the number of diamonds in increasing.

If you’re lucky, you could obtain the Vampire Malevolence Bundle at the beginning of the second level. 

If not, then you’ll have to purchase increasing the number of diamonds until you can get there.

Here Is A List Of All The Items In the Step Up Event

Top Tier – Vampire Malevolence Bundle (Male)

Incubator Voucher

Firecracker Board

Mid Tier – Vampire Mischief Bundle (Female)

Weapon Royale Voucher

1x Cube Fragment

1x Santa’s Choice (M60 + SPAS12) Weapon Loot Crate

Base Tier – MP5 – Vampire Malevolence

1x Red Samurai weapon loot crate


Diamond Royale Voucher

Summon Airdrop

How To Play Free Fire When It Is Banned And Get The Bundles?

As we all know, Free Fire is currently banned in India due to security reasons; numerous players are looking for ways to participate in the game and be involved in the fun. 

Free Fire Max is still accessible on all app stores if you’re not aware. 

Players can download it and play it at any time. Free Fire Max comes with an interplay feature that lets players resume their game from when you left Free Fire.

So it is recommended to download Free Fire max and log into the game using your username and password. Enjoy your favourite game!