Following iOS, WhatsApp Beta for Android Now Includes a Global Media Player.

WhatsApp Beta for Android Now Includes a Global Media Player: Last month, we saw WhatsApp add a global media player to its desktop app and iOS app. This allowed users to play audio files and voice notes from chats in the background while working on other things.
As of now, WhatsApp beta users on Android can start getting the same global media player that the messaging company has been giving out to everyone else on the platform.
There are some essential things to look at below.

WhatsApp’s Android Beta now has a global media player.

WABetaInfo, a well-known source of information about WhatsApp, says that the company recently released an Android beta called through the Google Play Beta Program.
On Android, WhatsApp has added the global media player, which lets you listen to voice notes and audio files from one conversation while looking at other chats or looking at the chat view.
The report says that the global media player is only available to some WhatsApp beta users on Android right now, but not all can use it.
The company plans to make it available to more beta testers in the next few days before making it available to everyone else.
The media player comes with a play/pause button and an “X” button that lets you close it. In iOS, it was on top of the chat list.
For people who don’t know what the global media player on WhatsApp is, it lets people play audio files or voice notes from chats in the background even when they leave the chat page in the app.
This makes it easier for people to scroll through other parts of WhatsApp . This is how it works now: If you play an audio file or voice note from a chat window, it stops when you leave to go to another chat. This is how it works now: Now, it’s important to point out that the media will stop playing if you close the app completely.
As long as this feature is in WhatsApp’s beta version, there’s no word on when everyone else will be able to use it.
WhatsApp for desktop, iOS, and even the Android beta version has already got the new version. We can expect the stable version to come out pretty soon. So, keep an eye out for more updates on that.