FFXIV: Secret In The Box Quest: What Can I Do To Complete?

FFXIV: Secret In The Box Quest: FFXIV is a highly multiplayer online role-playing game that has gathered huge fans as time passes. 

The game was updated with the fourth update pack with Endwalker, which came out at the end of last year. 

Endwalker introduced a lot of new games with new content, such as new quests. 

One of these quests can be found in an adventure called the FFXIV Secret in the box.

 The pursuit has puzzled many players trying to figure out how to finish it. 

This guide will show you how to complete this quest. FFXIV Secret In The Box quest.

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The FFXIV In The Box Quest In The Box Quest

The quest is available to players within the Old Sharlayan stadium. 

It can be located at the following location: x: 10.6, y: 11.1. But, before they can start their quests, they have to meet the minimum requirements to complete the quest.

 To finish this quest, the players have to spend outside help. Outside Help main storyline quest first.

 Additionally, players must also have disciples or magicians at level 80. 

When these requirements are satisfied, players can complete the Secret inside the box quest.

How Do You Finish The Box Quest? The Box Quest?

To complete the Final Fantasy XIV Secret In The Box Quest, the players must solve three puzzles.

 This is how you can solve each one and get your reward.

Part 1

To complete the first game, players have to go towards x7.9, y13.8.

 There, players will meet The Sleepy Student NPC and be required to lie down before him. 

Players need to use the command /doze in the chatbox to doze.

Part 2

To complete the second portion of their quest, participants must go towards x9.0, y7.3. 

There, they’ll need to give golden acorns in the direction of the squirrel.

Part 3

Finally, players need to visit x11.5 y8.5 and talk to Izumi.

After this has been completed, players can return towards The Maiden for a chance to collect their prize.

The FFXIV In The Box Secret In The Box Quest Rewards

  • 160,000-190,000 Experience Points
  • Chondrite Ring Coffer
  • 735 Gil

This article is about the Secret in the Box mission in FFXIV. Endwalker introduces two new roles to FXIV.