How to get the cat in Pet Simulator X?

Cat in Pet Simulator X: Pet Simulator X is a game where players can create eggs and then raise virtual pets.

 There are many adorable pets available in the game. 

The players can have adorable sheep and cute creatures as pets. 

One pet that has captured the gamers’ attention is the Huge Cat. Huge Cat. 

It’s the first pet available in Pet Simulator X that can purchase with money.

 Are you interested in knowing how to acquire the massive cat in Pet Simulator X? 

This is a unique pet that is difficult to achieve. Today, we’ll show you how to obtain the enormous pet within Pet Simulator X.

How to Get an enormous cat in Pet Simulator X?

One way for players to acquire The Huge Cat to play in Pet Simulator X is by redeeming The Cat Plushie’s code at the bottom of the tag.

 The players can purchase real-life cat plushies from the Big Games Official Shop website.

 There is no other option to acquire the Huge Cat to play the game. 

It’s also challenging to obtain since only 5,000 units of the Cat Plushie have gone on sale. 

There isn’t a redeemable code that can assist players in getting the cat.

Furthermore, there aren’t any Cat Plushie units available to purchase from the Big Games Official Shop website. 

Therefore, there is no way for gamers to buy to play with the Huge Cat on the field of X currently. 

They must be patient and wait until the Plushie is returned to the shops and purchase it if you’re interested in knowing the past dates sold them for purchase.

             Date                                          Units Stocked                      Price

September 5th, 2021 (11 am CST)      5,000 Stocked                   $49.95 USD

September 22nd, 2021 (11 pm CST)   51 Stocked                          $49.95 USD

October 10th, 2021 (1 pm CST)            1,500 Stocked                    $69.95 USD

Huge Cat Enchantments

The Huge Cat comes with two magic tricks. They are:

  • Best Friendship (Unique) This pet will be as powerful as the player’s top pet.
  • Strength V: Pet does +100% more damage.

There’s a chance that players could get Rainbow Huge Cat after redeeming their coupon for a plushie.