Far Cry 6 How to Access Fontana Fort?

Access Fontana Fort: In the game Far Cry 6, it is possible to explore specific areas on the map which can be explored but are tied to Operations Missions.

 Far Cry 6is developed to permit players to explore areas they aren’t allowed in freely.

 Unfortunately, many of these places have Anti-Aircraft Cannons that contain 50 depleted Uranium. 

Some landmarks are inaccessible until the moment is correct; however, some are much easier to get into.

Within the El Este region, a tiny island known as Fontana Fort is to the southern end of Yara.

 If Dani decides to travel to El Este in the first place, they’ll have to conduct an operation that requires the breaking in of Fontana Fort and then killing Admiral Benitez.

If they want to gain entry earlier, Fontana Fort is equipped with the Anti-Aircraft Cannon that will destroy anyone who attempts to fly into the Fort.

 However, there are several methods Dani can gain entry into Fontana Fort without drawing attention to FND soldados.

 That’s the best method to obtain an El Florecer pistol early.

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Wearing a flying suit or flight suit to Fort Fontana

It’s a risky method to get into Fort Fontana, but it can be accomplished and may be more convenient for players.

 Use a helicopter or aircraft from One among the FND Bases located near Fort Fontana, and fly to Fort Fontana’s east

Due to the Anti-Aircraft Cannon, getting too close during the flight will cause an alert to be displayed at the top of the screen.

If Dani remains at a certain distance away from ground level, the alert won’t be activated, and they will be able to fly with no fear of being shot down.

 However, entering Fort Fontana means being in the air at a height that allows them to jump or parachute into.

  1. Fly to Fort Fontana’s east-facing part so that Dani can arrive in the area within Fort Fontana where there aren’t any dangers.
  2. It should be at a sufficient height, but not too high so that it does not start the helicopter’s restart in addition, so to ensuring that Dani can put on the wingsuit or parachute quickly.
  3. If it is the “RESTRICTED AIRSPACE! Leave or be shot down.” warning light appears, then exit the helicopter and take off the wings wear.
  4. Do a quick dive towards the fort and use a parachute to ensure Dani does not crash-land.

Jumping into Fort Fontana

The safest method of getting inside Fort Fontana is by circling the fort’s perimeter. 

This is leaping in Fort Fontana by climbing the right wall.

  1. Look at the map, look for the Urea symbol and embrace the right-hand side of the Fort wall.
  2. If you go north, and then on the map, you will see the unique Weapons icon.
  3. The cliffs are an excellent place to jump, keep your distance from the fort’s wall, and finally, Dani will come across the tangle of vines scurrying up the sides of the defense.
  4. A little further, you will see the wall with “rounded edges” (see picture above).
  5. Then, turn so that Dani’s face is towards the place where the wall’s rounded edge is abutting the wall. If Dani’s on the wrong site, search for an area of brown grass at the corners. Then, sprint towards the corner, leaping and trying to hit”the “rounded edges.”
  6. Click the Jump-button until Dani is on the edge of the fort and can jump to the defense.

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