Expect the Unexpected in Season 4 of Selena+Chef

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When the hot and happening Selena Gomez announced a cooking show, the fans were not able to keep their calm. Hosting and cooking in a cooking show added another feather to the multitalented singer and actress. The first season came at a time when the world population was under isolation, and the informative yet funny episodes of the show installed newfound inspiration and motivation in people. 

However, the popularity of the show was not only limited to the lockdown period, as the love and admiration that people showered motivated the makers to extend the show for several other seasons. The unscripted cooking show hosted by Selena saw many popular chefs paying a visit virtually and tutoring Selena to cook a dish. The whole concept was so intriguing that many people turned loyal fans of the show.

Right from season 1, Selena remained a constant part of the show and welcomed the audience into her personal kitchen to exhibit her cooking skills. However, apart from Selena, the other thing that remained constant was the presence of popular and celebrity chefs who groomed and guided her with their recipes. And along with the whose who of the food industry, the fans were also lucky enough to witness a  selena gomez gordon ramsay episode.

If you are a regular follower of the show and have already binged all the seasons, you must be already aware of all the surprises that season 4 brought. But if you are yet to devour the season, it’s time that you take your comfy seat and be all prepared for the surprise elements of the show. So let’s begin unveiling what was unique about the fourth season.

The Set

For the fourth season of the popular Selena+Chef show, the makers choose a different location. This time it was a beach house in Malibu where Selena welcomed star chefs and learned their most possessed recipes. 

However, the set they chose had a nostalgic connection with the popular Disney show Hannah Montana. Selena worked around in a similar set-up that fans were used to visualizing as Miley Steward’s home from the show Hannah Montana. Right from the first trailer release, fans were fast enough to spot the connection between the two sets and were excited to see Selena in the identical frame.

This stance of reviving the childhood memories of the millennials through the set was well accepted and appreciated by the audience. By doing this crossover, the makers were successful in bringing back the spirits of the early 2000s popular show.

The Cause

Keeping up with the trend of the previous seasons, the fourth season of the Selena+Chef also saw donating generously to the charities of the Chef’s choice. For each episode, the show contributes $10,000 to charity which is most often food related. 

In addition, Rare Beauty, a makeup line by Selena, is also working towards making a significant contribution to the Rare Impact Fund and is working towards raising around $100 million. 

Season 4 was designed with some star chefs who helped and guided Selena to cook some of their most loved recipes. In addition, this season, too made some significant fundraising for charity. 

The Guests

Season 4 was aired on August 18, 2022, with 10 episodes, and the final episode aired on 1st September 2022. Just like the previous seasons, this season, too, saw an assortment of several star chefs who tutored Selena on cooking some of the simple and delicious recipes.

Famous chefs Ludo Lefebvre, Kristen Kish, DeVonn Francis, Rachael Ray, Nick DiGiovanni, Adriene Cheatham, Matty Matheson, Priya Krishna, and Paola Velez. And the most anticipated guest of season 4 was Gorden Ramsay. Yes, you heard it right. “The Gorden Ramsay” was seen as a guest in the finale episode of season 4. 

The Surprise Element

Although right from the announcement of season 4 to the Hannah Montana set, the show didn’t have a low moment. It sparked surprises from the trailer and that stopped only at the finale episode, where audiences were bestowed with a Selena Gomez-Gordon Ramsay episode. 

Gordon Ramsay does not require any introduction; the name itself is enough to garner attention. And when this celebrity chef joined hands with the pop queen, it left audiences awestruck. Ramsay chose a simple summer recipe that included corn, milk or cream, etc. 

However, the episode was special in many ways, as this was the first time that a chef joined Selena in person and guided her to cook. Moreover, the episode saw Selena hilariously withstanding his outburst and sometimes getting into a heated argument. All in all, the audience was treated to a recipe along with some fun moments between the duo.

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