Exciting Live Games You Can Play in Online Casinos

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Online casinos are an avenue of the entertainment industry that you might have an awareness of, and maybe even an interest in, but understanding the full range of what they offer you might help you excel that interest even further. In this case, live games might be exactly what you’re looking for, and understanding which of them are available is the first step in seeing if they’re right for you.

While online casinos represent a digital gallery of games that you can access at your own leisure, live games, as you might expect, have an element of liveness to them that likens them more closely to a physical casino, which might be part of the appeal that you feel towards them.


Sometimes, you just can’t beat the classics, and roulette is the kind of game you might expect to find at a venue such as a casino. Whether your familiarity with this game has been mainly through exposure to it via film and TV firsthand, or whether you have none at all, it won’t take long to get started. The game itself is very simple – you take a guess at where you think the ball will land and hedge your bets accordingly. While this is a game that you might find on regular online casinos, accessing it through live casinos might incorporate a live dealer, who can add an air of authenticity to the experience. 


Another staple and a game that might be improved by the inclusion of a live dealer. Once again, the rules of the game are relatively simple, with the aim of the game being to get your total amount closest to 21. However, with other players competing for the same goal, the amount of slack you can leave between yourself and that goal is small. Much like roulette, this is a game that is easy to pick up thanks to these simple rules, and that feeling of tension that permeates the whole experience makes it quite the alluring prospect.

If you are completely unfamiliar with this game, it’s quite easy to get to know in your own time, as all you need is a pack of cards to start dealing your own hands and see how the flow of the game works.

Video Poker

Video poker is perhaps one of the most famous games under this umbrella, but unlike the previous two examples, you might find that the rules aren’t so simple that you can simply pick it up without knowing where to begin. Video poker has gone on to develop its own identity and culture, often separate from other types of casino games, but it might be the one that you find the most interesting and alluring.

The first thing to keep in mind is that there are different variations of this game, so it’s worth brushing up on how they all differ. Once you do, you might find that the element of liveness that a real dealer can offer helps this game reach its maximum potential.