Elden Ring: How to Pause the Game

How to Pause the Game: Today marks the day FromSoftware’s long-awaited action RPG finally comes out this week, and we’re pleased to report that players, as well as reviewers alike, have a delight playing it. 

Although most of your time is spent fighting massive enemies and massive monsters, the intense fighting may eventually wear you out. 

In the end, you may be thinking about whether there’s a method to stop the action in Elden Ring.

 We’ll discuss everything. Without further delay, we’ll get right into it.

Can You Pause the Game in Elden Ring?

You can’t stop your game on Elden Ring – well, in the traditional sense of the word, anyway – it’s been brought up to us that there’s a solution that will stop the game.

Menu Explanation to Pause

The first step is to enter your game’s settings by hitting the Options option on PS5 or the Menu button for Xbox. 

After that, you can tab down to “Inventory” and launch it. After that, press the View/Touchpad button. 

It will display a menu with three options: view Controls, Explanation, and Menu Explanation. 

Select the third option, the menu option, ‘Menu Explanation,’ and you’re done! Your playing of Elden Ring will now be suspended.

Remember that once you leave the explanation screen for menus, the action will go on even when you’re on the various menu screens; therefore, you’ll have to get out of them immediately if you’re in the middle of a battle at the moment you chose the “Menu Explanation Option.

This is all there is to know about the must be aware of when stopping to play Elden Ring.