EA’s games are no longer available in Russia or Belarus.

EA’s games are no longer available in RussiaFollowing the lead of some other video game companies, Electronic Arts said Friday that it would do the same thing about Ukraine.

If you live in Russia or Belarus, you won’t be able to buy any of EA’s games, content, or virtual currencies.

The decision was made out of concern for the safety of people in the area and to show support for the people of Ukraine.

There will still be a Russian version of the Electronic Arts app and Origin, but no games or other content can be bought there.

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EA will let people keep playing the games and content they already own, but they won’t accept anything new in Russia or Belarus.

Third-party stores are also being asked to remove EA games and content, but it may take a while to meet those requests.

Other steps could be taken in the future, EA says. This includes things like taking the Russian national team and other Russian clubs out of all the FIFA games that are currently supported.

This is what EA is referring to. EA Sports NHL has done the same thing, taking away the Russian and Belarusian national teams and clubs after being banned from the IIHF.

The game again says its actions support Ukraine because it is worried about the safety of people in that area, which is why they are being done.

There are many people in Ukraine and other places that have been affected by the conflict, and EA wants to know how it can help them even more than the programmes that are already in place.

EA is trying to make its decision sound constructive and supportive, so that’s what we can say.

There are probably many other things that play a role in EA’s decision that isn’t talked about.

It may seem like cutting off Russia and Belarus would be bad for EA’s business, but even if it were just a reputational cost, it would be a big deal.

There’s also the fact that many payment options no longer work in Russia and Belarus because of sanctions. This could mean that business for EA in these two countries isn’t worth it in the first place.

This is important even if EA decided to do this on its own because of sanctions because it shows that the company cares about other people.

As bad as things are right now, many people worldwide may not be able to do anything about it.

EA and other video game companies, as well as other people, can still show support for Ukraine, so that’s what’s left.