EA will reveal major games in July

EA will reveal major games in July: Electronic Arts said it would not be hosting an EA Play event this year as one of the numerous businesses that choose to forego June’s big gaming announcement events. Electronic Arts claims that it will reveal its forthcoming 2022 game releases “when they’re ready.”

Although June may not have worked with its plan, it seems that July will work considerably better. According to reports, EA will publicly reveal three significant game releases in July, including its next FIFA, Need for Speed, and Skate games.

According to insider source Tom Henderson, all three games are provisionally scheduled to be unveiled in July. As previously said, there isn’t a single event scheduled where the games will be exhibited; instead, announcements will be made on a case-by-case basis.

The report doesn’t provide specific dates for each announcement. However, the FIFA and Need for Speed announcements will happen in the second part of July, according to Henderson.

Most FIFA franchise fans will already be acquainted with FIFA 23; thus, an announcement is more likely. EA has already verified several significant game-related facts.

For instance, FIFA 23 will have both men’s and women’s leagues and World Cup competitions for both sexes. Full crossplay, a feature that EA tested in FIFA 22, will be included in FIFA 23, according to earlier statements from EA.

The fact that this is the last EA soccer game to use the FIFA label may be the most significant. In 2023 and after, it will be referred to as EA Sports FC.

Another game that EA has officially announced is skate. Despite being relatively early in production, the next Skate was revealed during the online EA Play presentation in June 2020.

The upcoming game, often known as Skate 4, will be the first Skate game to be launched since 2010, even if an official title hasn’t been revealed.

The new Need for Speed is the most fascinating of the three announcements. Early this year, recently bought by EA, Codemasters confirmed that it was collaborating with Criterion on a new Need for Speed game. Also said to be a next-gen-only racing game.

In addition, there are many unanswered issues about the next Need for Speed, such as whether or not it will really have “anime aspects” or whether this is simply a strange rumour.

If this rumour is accurate, fans of the FIFA, Need for Speed, and Skate franchises won’t have to wait long for further details. The start of July is only a few days away, although if the announcements don’t happen until later in the month, EA will probably tease them in advance.