How to Delete Your Twitch Account

Learn how you can cancel your Twitch account temporarily and permanently from your smartphone or laptop.

There’s no doubt that Twitch TV is one of the best live streaming platform by Amazon. It has over 100+ million unique users around the world. Twitch is popular for streaming. Here gamers can stream their live games online for other twitch users.

Earlier, Twitch has replaced their prime subscription with Twitch Turbo subscription.

This guide explains how you can disable your Twitch account and cancel the twitch turbo subscription.

How to Completely Disable Your Twitch Account

Deleting a Twitch account is not easy because it doesn’t allow users to remove Twitch data completely. However, Twitch users can disable their account. Follow these steps:

1 . First open Twitch streaming website and login into your account.

2.. Then click on the menu from the top-right corner > then click settings.

3.. Scroll down and click on “Disable Your Twitch Account.” You will have to enter your Twitch account password here. Also, you can share your feedback about your decision to disabling the account. You can skip the feedback part if you want to because it is optional.

As soon as you click on the disable button, your Twitch account is disabled.

Once your Twitch account is disabled, all Twitch public services will disable too. Your followers can’t access your channel or your videos. You have to delete your personal data from Twitch because your profile will be there.

Alternatively you can go to this URL directly after login to your account.

Here you can share your reason of disabling your Twitch account.

Before You Disable Your Twitch Account

Here are some things you should know before you disable your Twitch account.

  1. Inform your Followers

When you disable your account, your followers won’t access your channel or your videos. So first, inform them that you are going to disable your account. You can share your social contacts so that your followers can contact you.

  1. Remove connected social accounts

You can connect your other social accounts with your Twitch. If you are going to disable your Twitch account, you have to remove other social accounts like Twitter and Facebook.

Reasons to Disable Twitch Account

Some Twitch users decide to stop using it simply because they lost interest in streaming with Twitch.

Sometimes users have multiple Twitch accounts. So they disable their secondary accounts when they don’t need them.

Things You Should Know If you are Using Twitch.

If you are disabling your Twitch account for a new username, then you are making a mistake. Twitch allows users to change their username. So you don’t have to create a new account for a new username.

Also, you can still use your Twitch account after you disable it. You can watch videos and follow others.