What Does the Term “Daily Basis” Mean?

You’ve probably heard the phrase “daily basis” during your regular conversations with friends and family, but have you ever wondered about the deeper intricacies of this phrase? When you say daily basis, you actually mean that something is done or happens regularly or every day. In a way, it’s something that can be considered a habit since it’s usually done consistently. Sometimes, we even shorten the term to just “daily,” which completely means the same thing as “daily basis.”

However, the English language has its nuances, which is why in this article, we’ll take a closer look at the term “daily basis” and discuss the possible subtle differences within similar phrases and words.

Daily Basis vs. Every Day

Does “daily basis” mean the same thing as “every day,” or are they different somehow? After all, saying “every day” means the same thing as “daily,” and “daily” is synonymous with “daily basis.” For the most part, the answer is yes. However, have you ever wondered why the English language has many words and terms that ultimately mean the same thing.

The answer is simple: these differences exist because writing styles exist. These different expressions allow us to fully express our personal writing style and add a certain flavor to it. That being said, having your own writing style doesn’t automatically mean that you’re a good writer. In fact, there are countless renowned authors out there who have voiced out their thoughts about defines “good writing.”

One book that comes to mind, in particular, is The Elements of Style by Strunk and White, which is dedicated to talking about writing style and advises aspiring writers who want to be good at their craft. One of the pieces of advice you’ll find in that book says to “omit needless words,” which has led countless writers to believe that phrases such as “on a daily basis” is just too long and unnecessarily wordy, especially since you could just say “daily” and it would mean the same thing.

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‘Daily Basis’ Synonyms

When we talk about synonyms, this usually refers to words with a similar—yet not necessarily the same—meaning. However, we also mentioned that phrases such as “every day,” “daily,” and “on a daily basis” essentially mean the same thing. To clarify, a word or phrase’s meaning completely depends on the context in which it’s being used. So, essentially, the phrases mentioned above mean the same thing, but if we say, for instance, “She exercises on a day-to-day basis,” the meaning potentially changes. This time, the sentence could indicate that she decides from one day to the following day whether she should exercise.

In the same vein, synonyms for the term “daily basis” could also have subtle differences in meaning, depending on how the sentence is structured. For example:

  • Anna exercises often—Anna’s exercise schedule is frequent, but it’s not fixed.
  • Anna exercises routinely—Anna has a set routine that she follows rigidly.
  • Anna exercises regularly—Anna doesn’t necessarily exercise daily, but she follows a common or recurring pattern.
  • Anna seldom exercises—Anna only exercises whenever she feels like it, and it definitely doesn’t happen often.


Using phrases such as “on a daily basis” and “daily” can add life and color to whatever you’re writing, making it sound and feel less dull. Using such phrases can seem intimidating at first, especially if English isn’t your native language, but with enough practice and constant reading, you’ll definitely get the hang of it. You’ll start using similar phrases like a pro in no time!