Cyberpunk 2077 Mod Reintroduces E3 2018 Visuals

Games often undergo modifications between presented demonstrations and the final product throughout the development period.

Dying Light 2’s adjustments between the retail release and its E3 demo illustrate this. One of the best instances of this is probably the original Watch Dogs game, and Cyberpunk 2077 seems to be no different.

Due to this, a mod for the latter has been developed, attempting to recreate the aesthetics in the game when it was first shown in 2018.

A mod for Cyberpunk 2077 titled “E3 2018 LM” was made by a user going by the moniker Kratoes with assistance from other modders, and images of the mod in action seem to depict a darker version of the game.

According to the add-description on’s on Nexus Mods, it will improve the game’s visuals to more closely resemble those from the E3 showcase. Users are cautioned, however, that this add-on is incompatible with any weather or general lighting modifications.

Several variations between Cyberpunk 2077’s E3 demo and the finished product claim one 2021 aficionado. The elimination of a vehicle’s windshield HUD is one of these modifications, and one user has speculated that the game’s introductory prologue was condensed for the retail edition. Another change reveals that elevator use by NPCs is included in the E3 demo.

It has been speculated that the feature was eliminated for the finished product because it would interfere with the player’s ability to utilize elevators fast if other characters are doing so.

Between the 2018 demo and the final product that was released on shelves and in digital marketplaces towards the end of 2020, there have generally been a lot of modifications.

Although the game’s creator has come under fire for handling the first release, additional revelations may partially exonerate the business. According to a QA report, CD Projekt Red may have been misled about the flaws in Cyberpunk 2077.

Quantic Lab, the organization in charge of quality control, may have kept the studio in the dark about the game’s problems. According to the investigation, CDPR was unaware of the extent of the game’s problem before it was released.

However, harm was still done on that fatal day in December 2020. Despite the effort put into making Cyberpunk 2077 more reliable and bug-free, its release is still regarded as one of the worst in video game history.

Even if this new study has helped, CDPR’s reputation is still in ruins for specific players, even though things are undoubtedly much better today.