Complexity announces collaboration with NFT.

Complexity announces collaboration: North American esports holding company GameSquare Esports, the owners of Complexity Gaming, has agreed with NFTplatform.


This means that Complexity and ARterra will cooperate to launch the platform officially. 

Furthermore, ARterra has been naming the official marketplace for NFT by Complexity Gaming and the company’s exclusive NFT platform.

ARterra is a brand new NFT business that provides experiences to esports teams, gaming organizations, and organisations.

 While the ARterra marketplace isn’t yet available, the company received their first instalment of capital last year.

 One of the first investors of ARterra was Complexity Gaming Founder Jason Lake.

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Justin Kenna, CEO of GameSquare, said: “NFTs are an incredible technology, and we’re thrilled to announce ARterra as the official NFT Marketplace for Complexity and our exclusive NFT Platform. 

I’ve been amazed by ARterra. We’re delighted to partner with a leading company in the NFT sector as it launches one of the more interesting NFT marketplaces and platforms for gaming and esports. “

According to a press release, ARterra and Complexity will cooperate in devising engagement strategies and educating customers on their rights to participate in the NFT market.

Bridge Craven, CEO of ARterra, added: “We love the competitive past and the highly entertaining content makers on the team at Complexity Gaming. 

We are committed to providing authentic digital experiences that allow gamers to connect more deeply with the

 brands they are passionate about.

 We believe that providing more excellent knowledge to our fans is essential as digital collectables gain


Esports Insider says Another NFT collaboration with a well-known organization in esports. 

Complexity will partner with ARterra to help accelerate the launch of their NFT platform. 

Complexity NFT’s are likely to release in the following months, given that ARterra is a company that focuses on creating NFT experiences for brands.