Black Ops Cold War Season 5 Reloaded Roadmap Revealed

Black Ops Cold War Season 5 Reloaded is in progress, and the developer revealed the roadmap.

Call of Duty: The current game is a huge success. These reloaded updates add a lot of new content halfway through every season to the game.

The update will go live on Thursday, September 9th. Players are feeling the thrill to hear this.

We hope the update will meet the expectations of our fans, who have come to expect a lot from past reloaded updates.

Black Ops Cold War Season 5 Reloaded Roadmap Revealed

A roadmap is an image that shows what players can expect from a new game or update. Call of Duty has this capability for all-new seasons and updates.

Season 5 Reloaded Roadmap reveals that players have plenty of content to look forward to. It includes new maps, game modes and weapons, operators, and other updates.

Zoo will be available for all game modes, and it is only for 6v6 matches. However, the developer will add one new map to the update. The famous game mode demolition will also return.

Zombies will also get a lot more content, both multiplayer and single player. Take a look at this tweet to see the entire map.

According to the developer, they have tested a seasonal event in the roadmap. It will take place after the reloaded update. 

This event is called “The Numbers.” Black Ops players will be familiar with it as ‘The Numbers’ was prominently featured during the campaign.