Best Renderforest Alternatives for Video Creation and Editing

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Renderforest is a video editing platform used by expert video creators. It is a one-stop solution for using pre-made video templates, adding editing effects, creating websites, logos, etc. You can use apps to add music to videos or use any other advanced editing effect. Many businesses around the globe use Renderforest. However, many small companies and novices aren’t satisfied with the high pricing of Renderforest. As a result, they look for the best alternatives in the market for video editing. Read on to know the best options of Renderforest alternative for making noticeable videos.

1. Visme

From teachers to professional video creators, anyone can use Visme. Many companies use Visme to create on-brand visuals and marketing content. Visme has the power to create appealing intros, outros, video ads, animations, and much more. From bite-sized video stories to lengthy videos, Visme can help you with all. The main features of Visme which make it an alternative to Renderforest are as follows: 

  •  Visme offers more than 100 fully customizable pre-existing video templates.
  •  You can also use the premium fonts and stock media elements on Visme.
  • Visme offers many pre-animated visuals which can be directly used in your videos.
  • Visme offers several options for exporting finished videos. Visme is also preferred by video creators for its sharing and embedding features.
  • Visme offers a Brand Kit to organize your branded content like logos, themes, colors, etc.

2. InVideo

InVideo is one of the best editing platforms in 2022 for beginners as well as experts. Besides advanced editing effects, the intuitive UI of InVideo allows novices to create branded videos easily. Since it also offers a free version, many small businesses prefer InVideo to slash their video creation costs. Individual video creators and video marketers can use InVideo for creating high-quality video content. The main features of InVideo which make it a better alternative to Renderforest are as follows: 

  •  You get access to more than 5,000 pre-made video templates on InVideo. The pre-made templates can help you create videos with the least manual interference. Also, the pre-made templates on InVideo are highly customizable to fit individual needs.
  • You get access to more than 50 themes for converting text to video on InVideo.
  • From stock images to stock clips, InVideo offers many stock elements to create videos. More than 8 million stock elements on InVideo will help video creators to make noticeable videos.
  • You can get a subscription to InVideo and add your branding/watermark to the videos.
  • InVideo allows video creators to collaborate and work on the same project at the same time.
  • If you face issues while making videos on InVideo, you can always reach out to InVideo experts via chat support.

3. Powtoon

Many video creators use Powtoon for creating branded content and whiteboard animations. Powtoon allows businesses to create branded videos and share them easily on social media platforms. Some key features of Powtoon which make it one of the best video editors in 2022 are as follows: 

  • Using Powtoon, you will have access to many animated characters, stickers, stock images/videos, and icons.
  • You can use the Editor interface of Powtoon for making videos with the help of pre-existing templates. You can also use the Creator interface of Powtoon for making appealing videos from scratch.
  • A vast library of audio tracks on Powtoon makes it a great Renderforest alternative in 2022.
  • Powtoon has economic subscriptions for students and teachers. Students can use Powtoon for USD 4 per month and create compelling videos.

4. Biteable

If you are into making bite-sized videos for social media platforms, Biteable is the apt choice. However, you can only make videos with Biteable, unlike Visme and Renderforest, which are also management platforms. Many bloggers, social media influencers, businesses, and marketers rely on Biteable for creating eye-catching videos. Many video creators prefer Biteable due to its simple UI and timeline editing option. The main features of Biteable, which make it a reliable alternative to Renderforest are as follows: 

  • You get access to many license-free audio tracks, video clips, and stock images on Biteable.
  • Biteable offers many pre-existing video templates to make your job easier. Moreover, the video templates on Biteable come for different social media posts like Instagram stories and Instagram feed videos.
  • Apart from offering the Plus and Ultimate subscription plan, Biteable also offers a free version for novices and small businesses.
  • For novices, Biteable also offers tutorials. You can find tutorials for GIF creation, video creation, and much more on Biteable.

5. Animaker

If you are into making animated presentations, Animaker is the apt choice. The video customization options of Animaker make it an effective Renderforest alternative. You can also create lengthy videos with the help of Animaker quickly. The main features of Animaker which make it a reliable video editing platform in 2022 are as follows: 

  • The character builder of Animaker lets you create animated characters in no time. You can create an animated character related to your brand, product, or any other thing.
  • Animaker also lets you add narration, clothes, and colors to your animated characters.
  • Animaker offers more than a thousand pre-existing templates to make appealing video content.
  • You get access to many stock media elements on Animaker for creating appealing videos.
  • From instant resizing to 4k downloads, there are many other features offered by Animaker.

6. VideoScribe

VideoScribe is a desktop application widely used for making whiteboard videos. Unlike other video editors, VideoScribe isn’t an online editing platform. You have to install the desktop application and create videos offline via VideoScribe. It may take a while to understand how to use VideoScribe to create videos. However, VideoScribe is full of editing options, and you can learn how to use them over time. One can find many tutorials on VideoScribe to learn several editing options. The main features of VideoScribe which make it a popular video editor are as follows: 

  • You get to choose from thousands of stickers and graphic elements to add to your video via VideoScribe.
  • Novices can get a 7-day free trial of VideoScribe to learn the editing actions.
  • VideoScribe offers a monthly, quarterly, and yearly subscription plan for video creators.
  • You can choose a video template or create videos from scratch on VideoScribe.


You don’t have to stick with a video editing platform with high pricing in 2022. Many video editing platforms come at an affordable rate or offer a free version in 2022. Start using a video editing platform with simple UI and a vast stock library in 2022!