Best Platforms to Create Your Own Course Online

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The internet has become the go-to place for both aspiring and practicing marketers to find the courses they need to advance their careers in. Online platforms are changing how we learn, with many businesspeople now opting for online courses over traditional classroom learning. Why? The flexibility of online learning is a huge draw, especially in fields that require professional development on an ongoing basis.


If you have a good internet connection, you can use it to get access to various online platforms that will help you to sell your courses. Just make sure that your internet connection offers high internet speed and seamless connectivity. We recommend you to check, Spectrum internet connection because it offers the best packages and consistently high internet speeds. Once you search for Spectrum internet, you will get more details that will explain why it is beneficial for you when you need to use online platforms.

Now that your internet connection is sorted out, you will need to find out which online platforms will be more befitting for you. When you are designing your course, it is important to know what the student’s experience will be like. Knowing how to do everything can help when planning your course, but selling courses requires experience too. We will compare the most popular platforms where you can sell your courses online.

Let’s have a look at the most popular online courses websites that allow you to create your personalized courses.


Skillshare is an online platform for teachers to sell their skills. It’s free to sign up and publish courses, with access to all the tools instructors need to make short videos on them.

To be paid, one must apply to Skillshare’s premium catalog. Standard courses are around 10-25 minutes, broken down into sequences. Top-selling instructors earn up to $40k a month. Unlike Udemy, Skillshare offers a monthly subscription so learners can access courses for free without having to buy individual courses at a time.

You can earn a lot by making a properly optimized account on Skillshare. You can also do some research and create courses that are high in demand, which helps in generating more profit.


Udemy is a great online learning platform that offers courses from instructors with expertise in any subject you can think of. The activities of teaching and learning have been made possible through Udemy.

Udemy is one the most amazing and well-known learning platforms that are used by millions of professionals from around the world. If you want to create a course on Udemy and teach others, you should opt for tutorship. Once it is approved, you will receive clear instructions on how to design your first course. While creating the content of the course, remember that all courses need to be 30 minutes long at most and include at least five lectures.

If you are not able to attract more audience or generate more revenue, you can choose the special tailor-made marketing options that are provided by Udemy, they will market your course, and it helps to generate profit in the longer run.


One of the premium platforms with more user-friendly options is Eliademy. It is used by millions of teachers and students from around the world. You get the freedom to choose the courses and design your courses the way you want them.

Elidademy gives you the option to choose courses that are free of cost, and you can also opt for paid courses. On the completion of your courses, you have the option to choose paid certification or free certification.


Teachable is another amazing platform for the teachers where they can create and design their courses, and students can choose any course of their choice. You can either create your own course or choose a design or template that is provided by them.

You can also create courses that are in demand and market them through the built-in email marketing option that is provided by the platform. There are over 20000 users, and you can gain massive revenue by providing quality content.


This is another instructor-friendly platform that allows the teachers to formulate their own courses the way they want. You are not restricted to creating a certain kind of course, and teachers have the liberty to create as many courses as they want.

There is no certain or described way of creating any course; you design it according to your own teaching style. The best part about this platform is the authority that a teacher gets; if a student is creating hurdles, you can control them by manually adding or removing students.

Conclusive Notes

There are a number of different online platforms to sell courses, which makes it a bit harder to figure out which one is right for you. We hope this article has provided you with some valuable information that will help you make the right decision when it comes time to choose where to sell your content creation. As a creator, you should choose a platform that is more appropriate for your course and easy for you to use because it will allow you to spend less time designing your course. You can also watch YouTube tutorials made on the website we have mentioned in this article for further guidance by experts who are already using these platforms.