6 Best Kodi Alternatives in 2018 (Better than Kodi)

Kodi-despite being amongst the more popular digital media players, Kodi has had its fair share of criticism. Its open source nature, customizability, and support for plugins had earned Kodi a lot of fans. However, some users abused the freedom given by the developers and developed plugins to stream illegal content-like viewing pay per views, pirated movies, and other premium shows. The Kodi developers have not taken any action in derailing such activities, which has led to an isolation of sorts for the Kodi team. In this article, we will be looking at the best kodi alternatives and also understand the reason behind the immense popularity of Kodi.


Kodi is an open source software supported on a wide range of operating systems like iOS, Linux, Mac OS X, Android, and Windows. Watching live TV, the latest Hollywood movies and TV shows are a few ways in which Kodi can be of service to you. It basically allows users to watch most videos, music, podcasts, and other media files from your local and network storage media and also the internet. Another plus of Kodi is that it supports a wide variety of Audio and Video formats. There are lots of Add-ons available to enhance your Kodi experience. You can also do a bit of customizing on the interface, to suit your taste. Thus Kodi has proven itself to be an incredibly versatile software. Still, if you are looking for what is better than kodi then you should check out below list of best kodi alternatives in 2018.

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Kodi Alternatives You Should Check Out

Replacing a software as creative and versatile as Kodi is difficult, however, there are other applications which can serve a similar purpose. So let’s check out the list of the Kodi alternatives.

1. Plex (kodi alternative)

Kodi Alternatives

Plex is the most popular kodi alternatives. Both Plex and Kodi share similar roots, both being based on the XMBC. Plex enjoys robust community support similar to Kodi. Plex has a great user interface and is extremely user-friendly. While Plex may not suffocate you with its amount of features, it offers some killer features like remote streaming and mobile sync, which lets you watch the content remotely on any device and sync the media for offline viewing. It also provides the option to share your library with others. Plex supports wide range of hardware and it offers a single database. Plex is available on popular gadgets like Apple TV, ChromeCast, Amazon Fire TV. So unless you are into customizing and playing with features, Plex should serve you well.

2. MediaPortal (Free)

best Kodi Alternatives

If the description is a Windows-based media-center with features similar to Kodi or better than kodi then MediaPortal is a perfect match. You have the option of recording live tv and playing files available in your storage devices or disks. Media portal allows you to install plugins and has customization features akin to Kodi. By installing the proper add-ons you can stream media from the required services. The great user-interface is another reason why MediaPortal is so good at what it does.

3. Stremio (better alternative to kodi)

Just as the name hints, Stremio is an app where you stream content from your favorite services like Amazon, Netflix, Vudu, Youtube, Twitch etc. Simply click play on the show you would like to watch and you are done. Stremio offers a torrent-streaming feature as well as live tv streaming. Stremio is easy to use and you can also build your custom library. You can sync the library on multiple devices which is another cool option Stremio provides. It is the most popular Kodi Alternatives. Stremio users unfortunately can’t install the custom skins or builds which services like Kodi provide. Also the selection of add-ons is minimal.

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4. OSMC (Open Source)

better than kodi

OSMC is a free and open source Linux based Kodi OS available on platforms like Raspberry Pi, Vero and Apple TV. All the Kodi add-ons are supported on OSMC. OSMC can play almost any media-format and the design is sleek and it’s fairly easy to use. It supports Wi-Fi adapters and is compatible with a number of TV-tuners. However, the limited number of media-players supported by it is a drawback.

5. Terrarium Tv (better than kodi)

Terrarium Tv is an Android streaming app which lets you download and watch the latest TV shows and movies for free at full HD. The interface is elegant and you can view the most popular shows on the menu. You also have the option to filter the shows and subtitles in your preferred language can be added. The parallel load mode can be used to load up source list even quicker by using parallel connections. You can also change the video-quality to reduce data consumption. So you can add terrarium tv in the list of kodi alternatives. The content is streamed from Google Drive or Google Tv giving an extra layer of privacy.

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6. Showbox (apps like kodi)

Although not entirely in the mold of Kodi, Showbox is arguably the best streaming app available in Android. Showbox is also one of the best kodi alternatives. It allows you to watch the latest movies and TV shows for free and is quite similar to Netflix in terms of features. The library is huge and keeps getting updated regularly. You can download the media and watch them in offline mode as well. The interface is easy and attractive. You also have the option to change the video resolutions. While it remains a native Android app, it can be used on Windows using the Bluestacks emulator.

Final Thoughts

While Kodi has served us well for a long time, the controversy surrounding it and the arrival of other media-centers means it’s time to look beyond. Each of the apps provided in the article has their own merits and demerits. However, in your quest to find the Kodi alternatives, these should suffice.


6 Best Kodi Alternatives in 2018 (Better than Kodi)
  • 6 Best Kodi Alternatives in 2018 (Better than Kodi)


Replacing a software as creative and versatile as Kodi is difficult, however there are other applications which can serve a similar purpose. So let’s check out the list of the Kodi alternatives.

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