Best Headphones Under $100 – Detailed Reviews

Music lovers are obsessed with headphones to enjoy listening to music at the best possible quality. Modern music freaks are extremely choosy while picking the best headphone that suits their requirements. Are you getting confused about choosing the best one within a tight budget?? Don’t worry!! We have enlisted a wide range of headphones that can cater your all purposes, from bombastic bass performance to audio mixing and even for high-end gaming.

Best Headphones Under $100

This list has consisted of both wired and wireless models that come under the $100 price segment. We have provided all the necessary ratings, reviews and features so that you can easily pick your appropriate headphone.

Best Headphones Under $100 in 2020:

1. Audio-Technica ATH M40x

Audio-Technica is especially recognized for manufacturing the best class headphones. The ATH M40x series comes with a large but lightweight design (only 8 ounces).

  • This foldable headphone has cutting edge designing along with robust fabrication for complete comfortability.
  • It has rotating ear cups and 40mm drivers so that it can easily set on the head. Besides, the ear bands and headbands are also delicately constructed.
  • You will surely have fun due to its copper-clad aluminum wire voice coils finishing.
[infobox color=”#59d600″ textcolor=”#ffffff” icon=”thumbs-up”]Pros[/infobox]
  • High-quality sound reproduction ability
  • Well designed with quality materials
[infobox color=”#dd0202″ textcolor=”#ffffff” icon=”thumbs-down”]Cons[/infobox]
  • The bass quality is a little low

Moving to performance, the bass is perfect and the mids are completely sharp and prominent with low-mid depth. You can surely enjoy listening to any music through this headphone as it can produce a crispy and clear sound. However, sometimes the sound quality may be flattened. It comes with a circumaural design that provides an excellent quality isolated sound production in loud environments.

2. Sony MDR7506

The MDR7506 series from Sony is a highly useful headphone in many professional recording studios. These headphones come under a lightweight segment and it is very light to wear.

  • Another good side of this headphone is that you can fold it down according to your manageable size.
  • However, it is made of the plastic body, hence; it is prone to a bit of damage. It seems more fashionable than comfortable because this headphone has a lack of padding materials.
[infobox color=”#59d600″ textcolor=”#ffffff” icon=”thumbs-up”]Pros[/infobox]
  • Able to produce a pure quality sound
  • It comes as a worldwide industry standard
[infobox color=”#dd0202″ textcolor=”#ffffff” icon=”thumbs-down”]Cons[/infobox]
  • It must have some more comfort materials

Let’s aside from the appearance and talk about the sound quality. This headphone comes with 40mm drivers along with Neodymium magnets to provide powerful and detailed sound. It has an external noise reduction quality, to serve the listeners pure and clearer sound. The frequency response of this headphone is 10Hz to 20 kilohertz that is quite impressive.

3. Plantronics BackBeat FIT500

People who are working in the sound industry will fall in love with this headphone because of its exclusive features. Not only has the sound industry, Commuters and Athletes also liked to use this headphone.

  • These headphones are uniquely manufactured to provide a distinguished look and sound production.
  • If you want to enjoy music while warming up or in regular exercise, then BackBeat FIT 500 is a wise selection because of its 18 hours battery with a single charge.
  • It has sweat-resistant nano-coating technology along with a lightweight P2i cushioned design.
[infobox color=”#59d600″ textcolor=”#ffffff” icon=”thumbs-up”]Pros[/infobox]
  • Battery life is excellent
  • It comes with a waterproof technology
[infobox color=”#dd0202″ textcolor=”#ffffff” icon=”thumbs-down”]Cons[/infobox]
  • It is not necessarily good for home use

The advanced acoustic function and 40mm drivers help to produce rich and deep sound. Now you can easily answer your important calls through the wideband-enabled mic. Not only that!! You can also access Google Now and Siri. Simultaneously 2 devices can be connected and 8 devices can be paired up easily through this headphone.

4. Anker Soundcore Space NC

Anker has manufactured decent quality noise-cancelling headphones with the proper Soundcore Space. It can comfortably manage background music and lower frequencies. Hence, if you are in a crowded place it can easily remove the ordinary conversation.

  • It is pretty much comfortable to wear and comes with a handy design that allows the listeners to fold and carry while traveling.
  • The all-new Li-ion battery can serve you twenty hours battery life in Bluetooth mode and fifty hours in Noise-cancelling mode.
  • This headphone can produce good sound quality along with high-end battery life. The lower depth mids and trebles are excellent in this headphone.
[infobox color=”#59d600″ textcolor=”#ffffff” icon=”thumbs-up”]Pros[/infobox]
  • Battery life is amazing
  • Well constructed and quite sturdy
[infobox color=”#dd0202″ textcolor=”#ffffff” icon=”thumbs-down”]Cons[/infobox]
  • Swipe technology is a little bit tricky

Anker Soundcore Space NC comes with swipe control technology on the ear-touchpad. It has a micro USB, AUX cable and hard-shell travel case. Besides all those, you don’t have to worry for 18 months, because of its warranty period.

5. TaoTronics

The Chinese brand TaoTronics produced amazing slim and sleek looking headphones. Though it is made of the plastic body they are quite powerful and robust.

  • You will get high-end user-friendly access through this headphone as you can control every function through the in-built edged control set-up on the ear cups. On the right side, you will get the noise cancellation switch, rocking motion along with a power switch button. On the left side, there is a pot of a micro USB charger.
  • Comfort is the prime feature of this headphone and it is rare to find in the noise-cancelling segment. You can easily spend several hours wearing this headphone without having any kind of pain as it comes with enough padding materials.
[infobox color=”#59d600″ textcolor=”#ffffff” icon=”thumbs-up”]Pros[/infobox]
  • Price is affordable
  • Comfortably designed to wear
[infobox color=”#dd0202″ textcolor=”#ffffff” icon=”thumbs-down”]Cons[/infobox]
  • Sound quality is poor

It has an in-built CVC 6.0 noise-canceling microphone to get clear calling sounds in any loud environment. This headphone facilitates an aggressive level of bass along with balanced mid-depth sound through the dual large-aperture drivers.

6. Status Audio CB-1

Status Audio CB-1 is a closed-back impressive-looking headphone specially designed for recording studios. The sound quality is completely flat and thereby, it might not be a good product for home purpose usage. Finest musicians and music composers, editors love this headphone because of its studio standard production.

  • This headphone comes with 50mm long drivers to deliver an expansive sound burst in the ear. It is a great listening tool for audio mixers, producers and musicians.
  • During a long session of music composition, you can get full comfort to wear this padded headband. It comes with an over-the-ear shape so that the headphone can easily fit with your head and it also works for noise cancellation.
[infobox color=”#59d600″ textcolor=”#ffffff” icon=”thumbs-up”]Pros[/infobox]
  • It comes with reasonable price
  • Well framed comfortable design
[infobox color=”#dd0202″ textcolor=”#ffffff” icon=”thumbs-down”]Cons[/infobox]
  • Not much handy

Now, you have the power to customize your listening through the highly adjustable clicking ridges feature. This headphone comes with two 3.5mm audio cables along with a ¼ adaptor.

7. Sennheiser HD 559

A huge number of music-loving people are well aware of the German headphone manufacturer brand Sennheiser. The Sennheiser HD 559 series is well built with a sturdy lightweight plastic body.

  • This headphone has enough padding on the ear and head, that makes this open back around-ear designed headphone more comfortable to wear.
  • There is a huge variety of sound detailing that delivers you a sharp and bright listening function, without having any harsh sound effect.
[infobox color=”#59d600″ textcolor=”#ffffff” icon=”thumbs-up”]Pros[/infobox]
  • Well comfortable deigned
  • High-quality sound performance
[infobox color=”#dd0202″ textcolor=”#ffffff” icon=”thumbs-down”]Cons[/infobox]
  • The depth mids are lacking some urgency

You will have a 6.3 mm audio jack along with a 3-meter detachable cable to enhance your connectivity. This is not the end!! All these featureful quality-headphones you can buy within 2 years of the warranty period from any authorized Sennheiser dealer.


Cowin E7 series comes among the budget-friendly headphones that can provide an impressive performance. Noise-cancellation is the most powerful feature of this headphone and it can easily create decent quality sound isolation.

  • In any crowded area, this headphone can give you stand-alone performance by removing all surrounding noise and by developing a seal to your ear. So that nothing can disturb you during your listening moments.
  • This headphone comes with 40mm large-aperture drivers along with a high bit accurate bass response.
  • The active noise-cancelling power can easily provide you with powerful, crispy sound along with noise isolation features for having better music sessions.
[infobox color=”#59d600″ textcolor=”#ffffff” icon=”thumbs-up”]Pros[/infobox]
  • Amazing Bluetooth Connection
  • High-end battery performance
[infobox color=”#dd0202″ textcolor=”#ffffff” icon=”thumbs-down”]Cons[/infobox]
  • Cheaply constructed

The Cowin E7 series consists of in-built NFC technology along with a high-class microphone function. You can easily take all important calls and answer them through this wireless around-ear headphone. The in-built NFC technology helps you to stabilize your calling connection and it also works impressively with any Bluetooth enabled devices. Durability is another attractive side of this headphone. It has a useful 90-degree swiveling ear cup along with protein earpads to enhance both comfortability and durability. Apart from all those features, this headphone has an amazing quality of 600mAh battery for longing your listening session.

We have mentioned a wide variety of headphones under a tight budget of $100. Most of these headphones are enabled to deliver a noise-canceling feature and they can produce an excellent quality sound. According to us, the Cowin E7 series stands as the best one for its all-round performance. Now it is up to you to choose your favorite one!! Best of luck and choose wisely.