26 Best Folder Lock Software for Windows 10 PC

Everyone tries to keep their personal information and data secure. Privacy is fundamental right when it comes to data security. Your computer system is stored with several files and folders. It’s not possible to check every folder’s path and location. Sometimes it’s hard to monitor the privacy of your computer’s data and information. Generally, anyone can access the system if it’s not protected. Because users never hide anything unless it’s private and confidential. But in some instances, data privacy is required to prevent security threats. So you must use one of the best folder lock software to shield your important data.

In the corporate world, they maintain high-level data privacy. Any random user can’t access the official data without proper authorization. If you’re working in a public zone, there’s a risk of data hacking. Or you don’t want to let your children access any inappropriate content on the computer. Whatever the reason we have, every individual needs minimum privacy. The question is, how will you do it? Don’t worry! There are many folders blocking software available in the market. By locking the folder, you can restrict a user from accessing it. This tool can reduce the chances of security breaches and data losses.

What Are The Necessities To Turn To The Best Folder Lock Software?

Are you worried about your computer’s data security and privacy? Folder locking is the best secure way to control data privacy. Folder lock is an improved and enhanced data security feature. By means of folder locking, you can secure your files, pictures, videos, and other contents. These days people are concerned with their data privacy. If your computer is connected to the internet, it’s suspected to be a threat. Anyone can misuse your files and contents if it’s not password protected.

However, the file locking mechanism is an essential part of data security. Because if you keep your data open to all, then it could be a risk factor. File locking is necessary for data safety if you are connected with many users on the internet. A file locking software is the only option to defend your system from ransomware, hacking attempts. Data hacking is a serious issue in recent times. Do not underestimate the power of hackers. They can target any business sectors. Many users have faced vulnerable consequences. But if you have a strong data protection mechanism, hackers cannot access your content. You can save your files and folders with the best folder lock software. But how will you choose the best application?

Encrypted Files & Password Protection

Most of the people get scared or confused with this term file encryption. File encryption helps you to encrypt your data on a per-file basis. The password protection will secure your data from unauthorized persons. No one can access your data without your permission. AES- 256 file encryption protects your data against every online threat. To access a specific file, a user needs a decryption key. This tool is effective for online file sharing and data access. Mostly the business sectors use data sharing with multiple users. So with password protection, a specific user can access the file. It will simplify the work process and data security at the same time. There are much software that can lock files but with limitations. But lack of proper encryption might lead to unpredictable results.

Locking & Unlocking Folders

You can protect your data by locking the specific file and folders. Instead of locking the whole folder, you can assign the respective folders to the users. You can lock the files and folders temporarily or permanently. When you need to edit a file in a team share, you can add a temporary locking feature. It will restrict others from editing the content of the shared folders. Or else you can lock the whole content with a high-level encryption key. So any user cannot edit the files. It will be unlocked by the administrator only. It depends on the requirement of the user.

Best Folder Lock Software & Its Features For Windows System:

Are you still wondering how you will synchronize your files and folders? Placing all your content in one place is a really tough job. But with folder lock software, you can manage your personal files and folders. By considering the key factors, you can choose the folder lock software in the market. To solve your issues, we’ve listed the best folder lock software.

Let’s find it out:

1. Folder Lock

Best folder lock software

Undoubtedly! Folder Lock is the one-stop solution for files and folders security on windows systems. It provides password protection to access all your content with one key. You can put a password on any attachments, cd drive, and external drives. It also stores your real-time encrypted data on the cloud. So there’s no chance of data loss or corruption.

Folder Lock is all in one best file locker software for Windows, macOS, and Android devices. Moreover, it’s compatible with your mobile phones and tablets. You can control your shared folders and files easily anytime.

Important Features:

  • You can set up a master password to control every single file and folders.
  • Encrypted files with password protection will secure your personal data. It provides a cloud backup facility. So you don’t have to worry about data losses.
  • It’s supported on every operating system besides Windows.

2. IObit Protected Folder

What are the best folder lock software

We cannot miss the name of IObit Protected Folder from the list. This is the most trusted and highly secured folder lock software. You can seamlessly lock any files, pictures, videos & documents with a password.

It has a user-friendly interface. You can simply drag and drop the respective file you want to encrypt. Anyone cannot access your encrypted files without a proper password. It can lock all your folders and files even if your system is corrupted. It will fight against malicious viruses to protect your data. IObit is compatible with every Windows version 10, 8, 7 & XP. It is available in 38 languages. You can understand IObit is considered as one of the leading security engines. So the data privacy is now at your fingertips.

Important Features:

  • IObit software is designed in such a way it will protect your computer from malware and viruses.
  • It is available in 38 different languages. Software is compatible with every Windows operating system.
  • It offers a drag and drop facility. You can lock your preferred folders and files easily.

3. Gilisoft File Lock Pro

best folder lock software for Windows 10

Are you looking for a high level of security and privacy of your data? Because nobody wants to compromise with data security and privacy.

For every professional Gilisoft File Lock Pro is one of the best file lock software. There’s hardly any software that can provide a complete protection suite.

The file encryption system is very strong & sensitive. It will lock and hide your data from each other. With this tool, you can securely lock your external hard drives, USB drive, network drive folders. It securely removes the deleted files and folders from the browsing history. So anyone cannot access the data in the future. Gilisoft prevents every unverified source during file sharing. You can hide your personal folders, pictures, videos, etc. with a password. It will protect your personal data from hackers, third party activities, and viruses. If security is your first concern, there’s no alternative to Gilisoft.

Important Features:

  • Stay safe and secure from malicious programs and virus threats.
  • High-level intense file encryption feature protects your files and folders from third-party activities.
  • It removes the browsing history of deleted files and folders from your system.

4. Secret Disk

best folder lock software for free

How does it feel if you get extra space in your hard disk along with security and privacy? Yes! Secret Disk has made it possible. This software not only protects your data but creates extra space in your disk. So you can manage your private data and protect it with a password. You can use this space as a regular disk. You can create multiple disks and store your important documents, pictures, videos, etc. in this disk.

It doesn’t provide file encryption service to the extra disk. But you can hide all your content with a secret password. This feature is enough to protect your personal data from third-party access. So this tool is more than a regular folder lock software for your Windows pc.

Important Features:

  • There’s a secret feature of this file lock software. If the power fails or goes off, all the protected disks become invisible. It automatically locks the drive.
  • The free version gives disk space up to 3GB. You can enjoy more space with the paid version.
  • You can put your contents in respective drives with a password.

5. Lock-A-Folder

best folder lock software PC Free

Another master lock software that safeguards your private data. You can set a master password for your content to make it invisible from other users. If anyone wants to access it, they need a key. Without your permission, nobody can operate your files. You can limit the user’s access with a master password. It doesn’t provide file encryption. But the master password is the backup tool that hides your important folders and files.

If you have zero ideas about file locking services, then Lock-A-Folder is the best folder lock software that suits you. The simple user interface, you can rely on this light-weight tool, especially for Windows XP users.

Important Features:

  • It is a very light-weight software that consumes low CPU memory.
  • It is highly recommended for beginners. The interface is pretty easy to handle.
  • You can secure all your data with one master password.

6. Folder Guard

best folder lock software in 2020

The next folder lock software in this list is Folder Guard. Folder Guard is a powerful Windows computer security program that controls access to files and folders. This tool performs smoothly on your Windows 7/8/10 and XP. You can start with the free version. Later you can upgrade it to the paid one as per your requirement.

You can restrict users from accessing your private files and folders with a password. Even you can use this tool to protect your downloaded software and files. You can easily modify the permission levels and restrictions on your private folders.

Important Features:

  • Protect your personal folders with a password restriction.
  • You can modify the user’s access and permission.
  • It is compatible with your Windows operating systems.

7. 7-Zip

Folder Locking Tools

This is a free open source file archiver. 7-Zip is a freeware that allows users to compress their files and folders as archives. The code works under the GNU LGPL license. It uses ZipCrypto Encryption in 7z format to compress the files, not only that it offers AES 256-bit encryption to protect your data from malicious programs.

7-Zip allows users to protect their archive files and folders with a secure password. So you hide your important data from unknown sources. The archive facility is so strong that anyone cannot open the locked files without your authorization. You can manage the file restriction options as per your need.

Important Features:

  • Unbreakable AES 256-bit encryption to protect your data against viruses.
  • You can hide your archive files and folders with a password.
  • It is compatible with the Windows operating systems and mobile devices.

8. Instant Lock

Best Folder Locking Software

If you are looking for a quick lock-up of your personal data, Instant Lock is the best folder lock software. Just like its name, Insta Lock can instantly hide and lock your files and folders within a short span of time. You can add a password to protect your folders from unknown users. Only the assigned user can remove or delete the specific files and folders.

Time is a crucial factor in business sectors. For them, this tool is highly recommended. Because a multi-user password and interface will protect any critical files, you can secure all files and hidden folders in your computer from other people.

Important Features:

  • For quick and instant locking service, Insta lock is the best tool.
  • You can lock any sort of files, sub-folders, hidden files on your computer.
  • It is compatible with all Windows versions.

9. Secret Folder

Top Folder Lock Software to try in 2020

Secret Folder is one of the powerful tools to lock your files on Windows computers. You can easily control the access of unknown users and malware. The tool looks very simple and straightforward. One of the best features of this is protected uninstall. You need a password to uninstall any program. You can understand that any random user cannot hack your data from the system.

L ock an unlimited number of folders and files on your computer. There are no such file limits on the size of protected data. This freeware is compatible with Windows operating systems. It works on both 64 and 32 bit systems without any restrictions. So you can consider Secret Folder as a secure file lock software.

Important Features:

  • Protected uninstall feature helps you to control the data losses from your system.
  • If you create a secret folder, then you can manage your secured folder with a password.
  • It is supported on every Windows operating system and mobile devices.

10. Protect Folder

What are the best folder lock software

Last but not least, Protect Folder is another file locker software for Windows PCs. The main focus area of this tool is to protect your data from unwanted threats. It offers a strong file encryption service. So you can put a password on your encrypted files and folders. You can save these encrypted files on external drives. You just need to plug your USB devices and enter the password to access it.

The best part of this software is the emergency lock feature. You can easily lock the folders with a one-touch key. Not only that, but it also provides a Time-out feature to protect your data after a specific time period of time. For additional safety measures, it offers this Time-out function. You can consider Protect Folder as a safe and secure file locking application in this list.

Important Features:

  • The emergency lock is a notable feature that locks all your data with one touch.
  • There’s an additional Time-out feature that helps you to protect your data after a definite time period.
  • This is a complete file locking software that provides a password facility to lock your encrypted folders.

26 Best Folder Lock Software for Windows 10

Definitely, this is not the end of the folder lock software. Every day new technological innovations are coming into existence. Different software and programs are available on the internet. But this is your responsibility to choose the best folder lock software. Because people are continuously updating their computer services. So within the change of time, you need to upgrade your folder lock applications. Apart from these above-stated names, you can get more software in the market. These tools are equivalently safe and secure. Every tool has its special feature that helps you to protect your data as per your requirement. You can consider these 15+ best folder lock software listed below:

  1. Folder Lock
  2. IObit Protected Folder
  3. Gilisoft File Lock Pro
  4. Secret Disk
  5. Lock-A-Folder
  6. Folder Guard
  7. 7-Zip
  8. Instant Lock
  9. Secret Folder
  10. Protect Folder
  11. dCrypt X (UWP)
  12. Easy File Locker
  13. Quick File Locker
  14. Anvi Folder Locker
  15. Lock and Hide Folder
  16. Folder Locker Pro
  17. AxCrypt
  18. Free Hide Folder
  19. AppLocker
  20. Folder Protect
  21. Smart PC Locker Pro
  22. Vault
  23. Norton App Lock
  24. Advanced Folder Encryption
  25. Smart Hide Calculator
  26. FileSafe

Today, we store our personal data on smartphones and other devices. But we are not sure about the security and safety of the data. In recent years, technology has enriched the modes of data sharing and storage functions. So you need to cope up with the technological developments. Data hacking is now becoming a huge problem. You cannot neglect this serious issue.

File locking is an integral part of data privacy. But you need to consider the wider aspect of it. Big businesses never compromise with data privacy. At the same time, they need to perform the work process smoothly. Nowadays, cloud storage facilities have simplified the workload. Many users are connected with each other and sharing the files on the internet. So it’s not at all easy to protect every user’s content from malfunctions.

End Note

Despite recent advancements, you can’t ignore the data privacy legislation. You can protect your data without privacy concerns. Companies need to maintain regulations to protect data. More regulations and laws grow worldwide; privacy concerns will also change. What are the factors you should consider for data security?

Awareness about the data privacy concerns to every employee. Need adequate information and proper training on data privacy policy. Monitor every suspicious network activity. You can also control the data security with high-level folder lock software. There are many free file lock software that can protect your data files. Depending on your finances, you can choose the paid versions for more features. Try any of the best folder lock software from the list to excel in the work procedure and security of your data.