Best Claws in Elden Ring

Best Claws in Elden Ring: Claws are one of the weapons that can be used in pairs by default. Elden Ring has power standing. Dexterity and strength are the main things this weapon deals with. 

If you are a Souls player, you know they are powerful. In Lands Between, are these weapons good? Yes! The weight of these claws is also less, which makes them easier to move around; our guide to the best claws and where to find them is here.

Best Claws in Elden Ring

Here are the best claws and where they are:

Hook Claws

Each of these claws has a scale in Dex that makes them more powerful than the other claws. Hook Claws have a weapon skill called “Quickstep” that comes with them. This skill lets you avoid getting hurt and look for a way out. Stormveil Castle is where you can find the weapon that you need.

 You can talk to the Gatekeeper, Gostoc, and go through a secret door. A dead body will have the Hook claws near it. You will find them on level one of the wine cellar. It can make the Hemorrhage or Blood Loss status build up faster. 

The Smithing Stones can be used to make these claws better. It takes 3 Focus points (FP) to use this weapon. You can also apply different Ashes of War to this weapon. Use other items and magic to make it do more damage.

Bloodhound Claws

All the Claws deal with Dexterity traits. Bloodhound Claws are no different. But it does the most damage to the body of all of them. It has a built-in skill called “Bloodhound’s step.” This skill is much faster than Quickstep. After you kill the Bloodhound Knight in the basement of Volcano Manor, you can find these Claws there, too.

It starts to build up the Hemorrhage status. Bloodhound Claws also protect against 40% of the enemy’s damage while blocking them.

Venomous Fang

These Claws start your enemies’ Poison build-up. A skill called “Quickstep” is the default one. It takes 3 FP to use. A Giant Poison flower is where you can find Venomous Fang in Caelid, behind which you can find Venomous Fang. To find them, you have to go through a pile of dead Abductor Virgins that have died. These claws can be made better with Smithing Stones. That’s not all. You can also use consumables and magic to make them do more damage.