30 Best Browser Games to Play in 2022

Games are one of the best ways to pass your time during Quarantine at home. However, not everyone is able to buy heavy consoles or computers and smartphones to play. The Browser Games appear as a savior to them. You can play them just by going to a browser on your computer or smartphone and connecting to the internet. The specs of your device don’t matter.

There are a lot of good options available while finding the same. From racing to hunting zombies, classics to modern styled ones, RPGs, MMO, and many more. Out of them all, we have handpicked a list of 30 best browser games that you must try in 202. We can promise that you’d love playing them even by trying once.

Best Browser Games

Here is a List of Best Browser Games

Browser Games are a fun way to pass your time when you got nothing else to do. When we talk about them, the first name that pops up on your mind will be the Chrome Dinosaur Game that you have already played when your internet wasn’t working. But, that isn’t the only browser game worth playing. There are hundreds of them. Some of them are really impressive. You can find browser games of all categories and genres.

We have compiled a list of the best ones for you. Whatever the type of games you like, you can find it here. Or, just try them all some time and you will not regret your decision.


Solitaire Bliss contains 28 solitaire games that users can play on their web browser. This includes variations of classic solitaire, spider solitaire, memory, hearts, whist, spades, Freecell, Yukon, forty thieves, golf solitaire, and pyramid. In addition to all the games, there are guides and detailed rules that players can use when learning a new game. Choose the difficulty level you’d like to play and work your way up to get top scores on the daily leaderboards.


For those looking to play hearts online, this website has a multiplayer mode so that you can enter your name and get matched with another live player. You can also play in single-player mode which allows you to play automatically against the computer. This is nice if you don’t want to wait for live players to take their turns. In addition, at the bottom of the page, you can read up on the rules to keep learning new techniques and strategies.


This website is the right choice if you’re looking to play cribbage in all different difficulty levels. Even if you’ve never played cribbage online before, you can learn easily with the how-to-play instructions at the bottom of the webpage. Learn the rules, steps for playing, and how to score a round.


Skribbl.io is a fun multiplayer drawing and guessing .io game that you can play with your friends for free. In this game, one player has to choose a word and draw a picture that everyone else will use to guess the word. It consists of a few rounds and whoever has the maximum points (guessed the most words) wins the game. It is one of the must-try browser games these days and gained massive popularity after some streamers started playing it.


TacticsCore.io is one of the most popular games in this category. You are put into a battle between two sides and you have to choose from a wide range of war machines like Spidertank, Bomber, Warhawks, Jets, etc. The graphics of this game are excellent and the gameplay is very smooth. The best part is that you can play it with a mouse only.


Doom is a very old game. It has been there for more than 25 years. You can also play it in your browser. It is a classic game that needs no instructions. Just start playing and you’ll figure out the rest yourself. One thing you need to remember is that you’ll need Flash Player enabled to play it.

The Helicopter Game 

The Helicopter Game is a fun browser game where you have to control a helicopter using your mouse. The left mouse button is used to take the chopper up and down. Your main goal is to go as far as you can without crashing. But, if you fail, you have start over from the beginning. You will need Flash Player enabled for this game also.

Abobo’s Big Adventure

Abobo’s Big Adventure is the browser version of the classic NES game. It is an action RPG where you play as Abobo and go on to defeat the villains like Donkey Kong and other goons. The gameplay is tremendous and you can literally play it for hours without getting bored. 

DarkOrbit Reloaded

DarkOrbit Reloaded is an online browser game where you play as a starship captain. You have to complete various challenges throughout your journey in space. You can also opt to play as merchants or space-pirates. This game also has a multiplayer mode. So, you and your friends can play together and have fun.


QWOP is an athletics game where you have to control calves and thighs of your track runner. You have to make sure the runner keeps moving forward without falling but that is really difficult to do. It is an incredibly difficult game. If you like challenges, you should definitely try this one.


Powerline.io is just like the classic snake game but you have to control shining lines. You have to collect as many power-ups as you can to increase the length of your neon line. You have to control it using the arrow keys. The game is pretty simple yet very addictive. Also, you can play it with your friends now. I’d strongly recommend this game if you want to play some browser games with your friends.


Slither.io is the classic snake game that you used to play on your Nokia mobiles. You have to control your snake with the arrow keys and eat as many glowing dots you can to grow longer and escape your opponents. One thing I like the most about this game is that you can customize the skin of your snake according to your choice.

Quick, Draw!

Quick, Draw! is a simple and fun game where you have to draw random things on the screen under 20 seconds and the game AI will then guess what you’ve drawn. There is a controversial belief if Quick Draw is a game or not as you are basically teaching an AI and your drawings are added to the world’s largest doodling data set.

Street Skater

Street Skater is a classic skating game where you have to control your skateboard and perform smooth ollies and kickflips. Your aim is to collect as many coins as you can before dying. The death animation of this game is really cruel as your head flies off and the body is broken into little pieces of meat when you hit an obstacle. You have to play the game using the Space bar key and Shift key.


Geoguessr is a fun game in which you can explore popular places from across the globe just by using the browser on your PC. In this game, you have to guess the name of popular places with the semi-randomized Google Street View locations. If you love traveling, this might become your instant favorite. So, give it a try soon.

A Dark Room

A Dark Room is a very simple text-based adventure game. You start off in a cold and dark room lighting fire. And, as soon as the fire is there, more options appear and the story continues. This game is enough to keep you intrigued to your browser for hours. The idea for this game comes from the classic text-based PC games and if you like them, this could be the perfect game for you.


NightPoint is a multiplayer action RPG game where you have to fight off hordes of zombies while also competing against other players on the leaderboard. You also have to take cover from the bullets shot by your opponents while killing the zombies. It is a fun browser game that you can play only by using your mouse. If you like zombies-based games, then you must give it a try.

Line Rider

Line Rider is a simple game where you have to draw a crazy track for your rider to slide around. You can make as many edits and additions as you want and then you can watch the rider having fun on the track you made. The only limit in this fun browser game is your imagination. If you want, you can also play this game on your Android or iOS device.

All Browser Games That You Must Try

Here is a list of all the browser games that you can try while staying at home.

Final Take

These are all the browser games that you should definitely try when you have lots of free time to play. If you know about some more good ones that you felt missing in this list, let me know in the comments below. Sometimes normal games seem boring when you have played them for so long. These browser games can help you refresh yourself then.

That’s all for this post. I hope you find it useful.