40 Fun Typing Games for Kids [Best For All Ages]

Typing is a very important skill that is highly regarded amongst businesses. If you want to help your children improve their typing skills, then you should let them also have fun with it. I have compiled a list of over 40 typing games for kids which will help you make your young ones better and faster at typing while also having fun.

Typing Games for Kids

Top 10 Typing Games For Kids

This list is not ranked at all. You can read through the descriptions and find the game that your kid might find interesting. Also, note that these kid typing games are suitable for kids of all age groups.

1. Keyboard Ninja

There are a lot of people who have fond memories of Fruit Ninja. Kids can have a ton of fun swiping and slicing fruits. Keyboard Ninja hopes to make it educational while still retaining the fun elements. Fruits fly up randomly and the player has to hit the associated key. You can even increase or decrease the difficulty level based on your child’s experience. If your kid likes Fruit Ninja or other games like that, then I’d recommend this game wholeheartedly.

2. Warp-Type City

Warp-Type City is one of the simplest typing games for kids which doesn’t really look like a typing game. The game is set in the future and you play as Tokyo girl. The game only uses the home row to play and destroy robots and that’s what makes it educational.

3. Keyboard Climber 2

Keyboard Climber 2 is a simple unblocked game that your kids will love. The goal is to save a poor monkey that’s stuck in a cave. Your kids can save the monkey by pressing the right key, which will make the monkey jump across platforms. This is a fun game that will definitely help your children get familiar with the keyboard.

4. KeyBall Easy Version

Want to increase the typing skills of your child while trying to increase their maze-solving skills? Then KeyBall Easy version is the game for your child. The player controls a football using the extended home row keys (ASDF JKL EI) and finds a way out of the maze.

5. Keyboard Booster Words

In Keyboard Booster Words, the player gets to play as a mermaid who needs to type letters and words to clear the path in front of them. As the level increases, the complexity of the words also increases and your children will get better and faster at typing.

6. Keyboard Jump

Keyboard Jump is a game where your kid controls a sentient TV with a pot of flowers on its head. The player has to type the words correctly and quicky to make the character jump. The quicker you do it, the more points you earn. The words vary in length and complexity and is a great way to improve typing speed.

7. Home Row Typing: F-J-D-K-S-L-A-Semicolon with Squirrel

In this game, your kid can use the keyboard to feed a hungry little squirrel. The nuts have alphabets on them and whenever the player hits the alphabet, the nuts fall down for the squirrel. This is a cute little game that will appeal to evet kid and they will spend a lot of time playing this and improving their typing skills.

8. Typing Sentences for Speed: Amazing Inventions Surfing

Typing Sentences for Speed: Amazing Inventions Surfing is a game that helps kids improve their typing speed and also learn a lot more about famous inventors. The player will learn facts about three inventors while playing as Floyd. As he surfs, your kid can type long sentences with varying difficulties.

9.Dance Mat Typing

Dance Mat Typing is a fun little game that’s full of cute animals that your kids will love. It starts by helping your children familiarize themselves with the home row and then moving on to the other rows and special characters.

10. Typing Car Rider

Car Rider is a racing/typing game that improves both typing speeds and vocabulary. You get multiple levels which increases the number of words learned while increasing the typing speed. It’s a fun game and your kids should try it if they love cars.

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40 Cool & Free Typing Games For Kids

This is a list of some fun typing games for kids. Just click on the game title and that will take you to the game.

  1. Keyboard Ninja
  2. Warp-Type City
  3. Keyboard Climber 2
  4. KeyBall Easy Version
  5. Keyboard Booster Words
  6. Keyboard Jump
  7. Home Row Typing: F-J-D-K-S-L-A-Semicolon with Squirrel
  8. Typing Sentences for Speed: Amazing Inventions Surfing
  9. Dance Mat Typing
  10. Typing Car Rider
  11. Cute Jumper
  12. Typing Numbers: All Numbers with Squirrel
  13. Ztype
  14. KeyMan
  15. Key Memory Brain Game
  16. Bottom Row Typing: Space Bar
  17. The Typing of the Ghosts
  18. Tommy Q Zombie Defender
  19. Type-a-Balloon
  20. Typing Knight
  21. Key Space Station
  22. Snake Game
  23. City of Grendale
  24. KeyBall Maze Version 2
  25. Typing Pilot
  26. Key Seeker
  27. Boomerang Rogue-Lite
  28. Type Raid Wars
  29. Type Toss
  30. Type-a-balloon
  31. Type Type Revolution
  32. Typool Fight (Multiplayer)
  33. Ducky Trouble K-5
  34. Typing Chef
  35. Typing Swimmer Rows
  36. Nitro Type – Expert
  37. Ghosts
  38. Typing Attack
  39. Alpha Munchies
  40. Sky Combat

Final Take

These are the best typing games for kids out there. I hope that you found this article helpful. if you have any doubts or suggestions, please let us know in the comments section down below and we will get back to you shortly.